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Unite with Your Vendors

The CFPB guidelines for service provider oversight have set the industry standard for due diligence in vendor management. Coordinating the varied touch points with service providers as different types of transactions move through the mortgage lifecycle can be a complex undertaking that loan origination systems and servicing systems only partially support.

CLARIFIRE's® SaaS workflow automation application delivers an easy to use, easy to manage solution for vendor onboarding, contract management, and vendor risk assessment and reviews. With the capability to standardize operational processes and deliver a centralized view into all work activities, CLARIFIRE provides visibility and controls that avoid consumer harm and satisfy regulatory requirements issued by governing agencies.

CLARIFIRE COMMUNITY®, a secure gateway to our CLARIFIRE application, provides one virtual place where all industry stakeholders in your processes, internal or external, can work together to exchange documentation, communicate, and order products and services in real time. Seamless interactions between servicers, vendors, mortgagors, and other third parties throughout the mortgage servicing lifecycle, provide an additional level of consistency, efficiency, and accountability to your vendor management processes.

Benefits of CLARIFIRE

  • Standardized, repeatable processes that your vendors interact with seamlessly
  • Automated notifications for reviews, licenses, insurance certificates, and contract milestones
  • Role-based dashboard views
  • Real-time, bi-directional interaction with vendors
  • Centralized document and data share
  • Provides comfort that your vendors are in compliance and are auditable

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Seamlessly collaborate with your vendors with CLARIFIRE COMMUNITY!


Interested in receiving additional information or have questions? To request a demo or talk to a CLARIFIRE workflow expert, please contact us.