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CLARIFIRE® Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation Software and Tools to Efficiently Automate Your Operational Processes

Workflow For Your Future State

Unlock Your True Business Potential with Workflow for Your Future State

CLARIFIRE® is workflow automation software with the versatility and flexibility to automate and improve interactive, connected processes that drive delivery across any industry. Our innovative technology transforms fragmented, manual operational processes into seamless, bi-directional workflows, all in one convenient, modern mobile design. CLARIFIRE® provides your customers with a self-service option that drives processes forward - 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With CLARIFIRE®, the opportunities to improve your automated, frictionless accessibility to results are limitless.

What is Workflow Automation?

Workflow Automation is a systematic distribution of tasks, information, and documents to users for action, according to a predefined set of business process rules. Here are six ways that workflow automation software delivers the best tools needed for effective business process management for a unified workplace ecosystem.

Business processes are transformed into repeatable, automated workflows by breaking down and clearly defining each action in a process. Actions are no longer subjective, and process activities are now consistent and auditable workflows. Every user can easily follow the same automated process for the same task.

A critical part of automation is automated business rule-driven decisions. Your organization defines the decision points and the subsequent actions to be taken in the process. Business process management rules are defined once and done. The workflow makes decisions for you based on the business rules you have defined. The result is workable, efficient, automated workflows that are compliant with corporate and regulatory policy.

Workflow triggers actions based on a user’s interactions and what data elements have been captured along the way. Automation determines the next steps in the process or actions needed and presents them with dynamic real-time displays of the information they need when they need it to complete the tasks.

Workflow provides transparency into operational visibility throughout the organization. Dashboards provide the tools for employees to quickly view tasks within their pipeline, management can monitor departmental workload, and executives can identify organizational trends. Approved third parties have access to their work, expanding the reach of the view into all interactions and actions.

With access to centralized data, images, documents, and notes, employees have comprehensive tools to view of the preceding process actions and events that led up to the current status. Audit trails enable compliance.

Workflow automation makes available the tools to transform chaos into streamlined, connected, interactive processes. Workflow reduces human error, improves quality, decreases risk, increases throughput, and eliminates unnecessary redundancy. Productivity is improved and efficiencies gained through automation. The result is the powerful impact of improved corporate performance. Digital transformation is a reality.

3 Reasons Your Business Needs Workflow Automation

1. Workflow automation is flexible and adaptable, putting change and responsiveness at the heart of what you do.

2. Workflow automation drives transparency, collaboration, and risk mitigation.

3. Workflow automation produces measurable results

Automation Software Elevates Workflows


Take a giant leap forward to challenge and reinvent your operational processes in ways that allow for an immediate increase in visibility, create efficiencies, and empower you to reach your organizational goals. Process automation for any industry or enterprise, Clarifire, the company, specializes in workflow automation for the Financial Services and Healthcare industry.

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Clarifire health


Standardize and personalize patient care through mobile rounding, auditing, and clinical workflows. It's time to break free from paper rounding and spreadsheets. Get the tools necessary to transform your healthcare organization into an industry leader in patient experience and health outcomes with automated workflows.

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Take control of your system-wide auditing needs with an early auditing solution focused on prevention. Gain full visibility of all audit data and activity in one product with the tools to proactively improve quality, safety, and patient experience. Implementing a new audit becomes as simple as create, assign, and go!

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Bright Audits

Workflow Automation Tools for Process Management

Financial Services Workflow Automation Features

Clarifire Community


Collaboration on demand, CLARIFIRE COMMUNITY™ is the mobile, self-service, customer-friendly gateway to the CLARIFIRE® workflow automation application. Customers, vendors, partners and more, are all working together sharing documents and ordering products and services in real-time. The personalized, automated notifications and "guide me" approach to efficient process management makes it effortless, providing results on demand. Click here to learn more.

Clarifire Contact


CLARIFIRE CONTACT™ transforms your dialer into an automated aggregation of critical loan data and process information in one view. One customer says "CLARIFIRE® turned complaints into compliments" because we were armed with the tools to see what we needed to be responsive to the customer. Click here to learn more.

Clarifire Calculator


CLARIFIRE CALCULATOR™ eliminates the need for the management of fluid workout underwriting requirements. This workout calculator contains all policy, calculations, and workflow changes required by the regulatory entities so you can provide the best options to your customers. It also includes integrations with SMDU and Freddie Mac’s Resolve. Customers can get real-time, virtually no-touch relief accessing through the CLARIFIRE COMMUNITY™. Click here to learn more.

Workflow Tools for Healthcare Automation

Patient Rounding

Patient Rounding

Patient experience workflow with stored notes, personal preferences, admission history, and escalation of ancillary service tasks, all available with a click of a button. Click here to learn more.

Leadership Rounding

Leadership Rounding

Leverage our leadership rounding workflows for observing and participating in staff quality and safety measures. CLARIFIRE®'s visibility provides the tools to take real-time action on staff rounding outcomes. Click here to learn more.

Clinical Workflows

Clinical Workflows

Improved patient outcomes, better patient experience, enhanced patient flow, and reduced readmissions are all possible when automating hospital processes with effective workflow management. Add visibility and controls to your static EMR system of record with automation. Click here to learn more.

Why Automation with CLARIFIRE® Workflow is Different

Peace of Mind.

You can relax knowing your data is secure with our SOC 2 Type 2 Clarifire Private Cloud and a SOC 2 Type 2 company like Clarifire.

Speed to Market.

A Process is a Process. Try workflows from our proven library of processes or custom design your own through our easy-to-use, intuitive process management software build or change interface.

Unparalleled Customer Service.

We partner with you to provide exceptional customer service support for your workflow automation needs at every step of the process.


Our automation software pricing is flexible. Buy what you want to use now; add more workflows later. No per-person fees.

Software Design.

Simple to use. Workflows and business rules are changed with ease by the business. No development resources are needed.

Rapid Proof of Concepts.

Send us your workflows. We will quickly automate them within the CLARIFIRE® workflow automation software and demonstrate the results.

Continuous Innovation.

Industry-rich product features that align directly with the demands of financial servicing or healthcare operational innovation.

Where Should You Start With Business Workflow Automation

Repetitive Tasks

Take a look through your organization and find the tasks that are done the same way every day, every week, or every month. Automating the process ensures that the same reasoning is used to make the same decision every time. Now that the system does the work, your resources are free for exception management.

Status Reporting

When you automate your processes, you can get an aggregated view of all information configured to the needs of each role within your company. Each user has their own dashboard that includes an overview all work activities, alerts, exceptions, and documents.

Escalations & Approvals

Workflow contains business rules that take the guesswork out of certain decision making situations. As the workflow receives input from data entered and tasks are completed, the business rules verify all required approvals are achieved and appropriate next steps are taken within the process.

Gaps Between Processes

Automation fills the gaps between processes by moving around knowledge, documents, expertise, and information. It launches what is needed from person to person, team to team, and system to system. Each group will get what they need when they need it and in real time. Dynamic displays make it easy.

Document Management

How awesome would it be to have all images and documents for an account in a single place? A quick search by a unique identifier in your workflow software is all you need for trouble-free retrieval. No more looking through email or searching in various systems.

Looking for the Top Workflow Automation Software?

Is your organization looking for the best workflow automation software to efficiently modernize your servicing operations? Ask yourself these questions as you are evaluating potential applications to automate your organization.

1. What are our options to alleviate pain points?

If you only want to take a few critical customer-facing touchpoints and add automation to standardize the responsiveness and pull in timelines, that should be an option. If you are ready for an end-to-end automated solution, that should be a choice as well.

2. Do I need developer resources for customizations?

Low-code workflow automation software and a repository of business process templates eliminate the need for developer resources, decrease implementation cycles, and accelerate speed to market. All are important characteristics for any software targeting operational efficiency within an organization. As an added bonus, your developers are now free to work on other projects.

3. Will it integrate with other core systems within our organization?

A successful workflow automation solution sits on top of your core systems to aggregate and push/pull data, work activities, and business intelligence to keep your processes efficient and results-driven. Straightforward connectivity options are necessary for integrations to your core and third-party software with your new automated workflow solution.

4. How secure is my data?

With solutions moving to mobile platforms, the need to keep information secure is increasingly important. Software must stay ahead of the curve and provide unsurpassed levels of security and integrity.

5. Is the application flexible to future changes?

Look for a product that has features with the flexibility and scalability to change. Robust and scalable workflow automation tools will have a proprietary rules engine that provides the flexibility to adapt to the changing needs of the organization or industry.

6. What is the total cost of ownership?

As you review pricing info make sure to factor in everything such as training, upgrades, and support. Remember, cheaper isn’t always better. A lower price to get the software up and running looks great, but the extras can add up quickly.

Request a Demo to See Automated Workflows in Action

Woman using CLARIFIRE application

See why Clarifire is a leader in delivering robust workflow management software to customers with complex operational automation needs. Your organization can rise above today’s relentless industry pressures by implementing proven scalable, modern business process automation. Request a free demo of CLARIFIRE® today and let us get started showing you how automation can empower your organization. It’s time to see why we are the top workflow automation application.