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workflow automation
Streamlines Chaos and Drives Efficiencies

Streamlines Chaos and Drives Efficiencies

CLARIFIRE® is Workflow Automation

Workflow automation is the foundation for navigating the complexities of business, ever-changing regulations, and the imperative to manage risk and cost consistently. With nimble, connected automated workflows, intelligent business rules, industry-specific features, and access to a 24/7 customer self-service portal, CLARIFIRE® brings the operational stability organizations need.

How You Can Use CLARIFIRE®

Financial Services Workflow

Eliminate costly point solutions, homegrown workarounds, and manual handoffs. CLARIFIRE®'s financial services library of proven processes and features puts all critical stakeholders in a single, secure online business community, transforming fragmented systems and processes into seamless and efficient operational success. CLARIFIRE® readily delivers change capabilities that far surpass other solutions.


Healthcare Workflow

Standardize the processes of care across your organization in an innovative way by overlaying your EMR systems with dynamic, accessible workflows that create efficiencies and visibility for all care providers. With automated healthcare workflow, you have the tools to transform your organization into an industry leader in patient experience and health outcomes. Successful measurement of processes and care variations results in higher quality and better, more consistent patient outcomes.


With CLARIFIRE® You Have Options

Organizations need good technology, trusted and proven technology partners, and a strategic vision to want to work differently if they hope to continually streamline their processes, meet their customers' digital demands and drive operational processes that create powerful results. However, the traditional mindset that organizations either need to buy technology or build it themselves has handcuffed digital growth. While there's logic behind both strategies, each can create siloed outcomes adding to higher costs and perpetuating this either/or approach. With CLARIFIRE®, a more innovative path exists to give you the best of both. Buy proven processes AND have the option to build new and change existing ….Best of all worlds.

CLARIFIRE's proven process library

Select Workflows From Process Library

Don't have time to think about the best way to automate your manual processes? CLARIFIRE® has a vast library of proven processes your organization can leverage to jumpstart your automation efforts.

Modify Process Library Workflows

Modify Process Library Workflows

Does your business do things a little differently? That's not a problem with CLARIFIRE®. Take any of our out-of-box processes and adjust them to meet the needs of your business. You can make the changes, or we can do it for you.

Create New Workflows

Create New Workflows with Process Builder

Do you have a proprietary set of business processes to automate? You can build them within CLARIFIRE®'s easy-to-use process builder. There is no need for certified developers with CLARIFIRE® to automate your processes.

Connect with Third-Party Systems

Connect With Third-Party Systems

Bring your third-party providers into CLARIFIRE® and never leave the application. Use the business rules engine to call web services automatically from the UI. Use our APIs to expand your business ecosystem.

Request a Demo to See CLARIFIRE® in Action

Woman using CLARIFIRE application

See why we are a leader in delivering dynamic workflow management software to customers with complex operational automation needs. Your organization can rise above today's relentless industry pressures by implementing proven, scalable, modern business process automation. Request a demo of CLARIFIRE® today, and let us get started showing you how automation can empower your organization. It's time to see why we are the top workflow automation application.


CLARIFIRE® Workflow Resources


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