Customer Satisfaction and Engagement 24/7

The CLARIFIRE® workflow automation software powers customer experience and engagement by offering mobile, easy-to-use, bi-directional, self-service options. Customers can rapidly ask questions, receive automation updates, submit inquiries or escalations, request disaster relief, request re-finance, request COVID-19 assistance, request loan modifications, complete forms, share documents, and more. Providing enhanced mobile customer experience for the volumes and velocity of your interactions, all while adhering to regulatory fluctuations, is challenging for any organization. Your customers have access to a user-friendly, interactive concierge that drives them quickly through what they need, whenever they need it. They get rapid responsiveness with customer experience automation that powers and reacts to their needs.

Benefits of CLARIFIRE®

CLARIFIRE® is a robust workflow automation software that any organization can leverage.


Customers have on-demand mobile access to CLARIFIRE COMMUNITY™ through your corporate website.

Workflow Automation

Workflows, based on customer request type, are automatically triggered by the click of a button.

Interactive Communications

Auditable, real-time interactive communications with customers.


Elevate your call centers with CLARIFIRE CONTACT™, and bring your customer touchpoints to the next level.

Personalize Preferences

Customers personalize their preferences to receive notifications.

Interactive Dashboards

Dashboards provide interactive views configured to customer needs.

Elevate Your Customer Experience

In the recent J.D. Power 2021 U.S. Primary Mortgage Servicer Satisfaction Study, online engagement and self-service channels were among the most important areas needing servicer improvement. Getting this right leads to customer retention and improved cross-sell non-mortgage opportunities. Non-bank servicers gain reputational awareness of their approach to seamless digital servicing.

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