In today's highly connected business environments, data is located in multiple systems, formats, and locations. The CLARIFIRE® application contains a configurable data exchange solution called CLARIFIRE CONNECTOR™. CLARIFIRE CONNECTOR™ uses an efficient approach to communication and data translation. By leveraging industry standard communication and data transfer protocols, CLARIFIRE® can quickly and easily adapt to the needs of our clients. CLARIFIRE CONNECTOR™ integrates disparate systems to increase workflow automation, minimize risk, and eliminate manual data input.

CLARIFIRE CONNECTOR™ is a RESTful API that can incorporate multiple integrations that include services like title ordering, evaluations, credit scores, and more.


  • Provides options for multiple data input sources, internal and external.
  • Has parallel processing and load balancing capabilities.
  • Uses HTTPS protocol so that the entire communication is encrypted.
  • Reduces development time of new data exchanges.
  • Enforces data integrity.

Data and Systems Interoperability

For our Healthcare clients, our CLARIFIRE HEALTH™ application HL7 compliant interface leverages standard HL7 Admit/Visit Notification (ADT_A01) messages. This provides for easy integration with existing HIS/EHR systems.

For our Financial Services clients, our CLARIFIRE CONNECTOR™ receives and returns input from multiple systems simultaneously in real time, or in batch. Our robust library of industry web services makes connecting easy and efficient.

Meet Our Technology Solution Providers

CLARIFIRE® clients can easily connect with partners for value-add, such as GSE automated underwriting results, instant title ordering, credit checks, and other data exchanges.

Boston National Title, an Incenter company, is one of the nation’s leading title insurance and settlement services providers. Users of CLARIFIRE® for default servicing and loss mitigation will soon benefit from its upcoming integration with solutions from Boston National Title.


CoreLogic Credco is a leading, trusted provider of consumer information products that serves the automotive, recreational vehicle, boat and marine, and manufactured housing industries. A wholly owned subsidiary of CoreLogic, they combine industry expertise, the latest technology and consumer information to create innovative solutions that help make smarter business decisions.

CoreLogic Credco

Covius delivers technology-enabled products and services that offer automated doc generation and deliver confidence to financial services companies operating in a competitive, highly regulated environment.


CLARIFIRE® offers a direct link to Fannie Mae’s Servicing Management Default Underwriter (SMDU™). This connectivity provides servicers with the ability to decision and structure a workout through SMDU for a single loan or in bulk (streamlined). Servicers also benefit from the real-time submissions of workouts to SMDU Case Management and real-time messaging from SMDU.

Click here for more information about the benefits of our integration with Fannie Mae.

Fannie Mae

First American Mortgage Solutions (FAMS) is a division of First American Title Insurance Company, the largest subsidiary of First American Financial Corporation (NYSE: FAF). FAMS is a leading provider of origination, valuation, and default servicing solutions for the mortgage origination and servicing industry, successfully supplying products and services that have assisted in closing millions of real estate transactions nationwide.

Click here to view our CLARIFIRE® / First American Automated Order and Fulfillment video and see how you can order First American products within the CLARIFIRE® application at the click of a button!

Click here to see how you can reduce your loss mitigation cycle times with the CLARIFIRE® application's First American Loss Mitigation process.

First American Mortgage Solutions

CLARIFIRE® connects to Freddie Mac’s Resolve® Solution, an integrated default management platform, to further strengthen and streamline rules-based workout decisions to Servicers. This software integration allows CLARIFIRE® users that service loans to Freddie Mac to quickly determine the correct workout options under Freddie Mac's guidelines. This is not only saving servicers an enormous amount of time and effort that would normally be spent performing loan workouts manually, but it also eliminates the manual efforts of resources to update the Freddie Mac systems for reporting. It’s also making sure borrowers who need home mortgage assistance are able to get it fast. Decreased cycle times, better servicer performance, and digital audit trails all enhance the processes.

Click here for more information about our integration with Freddie Mac.

Click here for a short demo video on CLARIFIRE® and Freddie Mac’s Resolve®.

Freddie Mac

Clarifire has partnered with lndiSoft's National Housing Advocacy Platform (NHAP) to seamlessly integrate HUD-approved housing counselors (HCAs) who provide foreclosure alternative counseling, loss mitigation, and post-loan modification assistance to homeowners. This game-changing innovation adds automation efficiencies to servicer operations, expands the borrower assistance digital ecosystem, and alleviates servicer-borrower interactions.


CLARIFIRE CONNECTOR™ provides Clarifire clients an automated interface between the CLARIFIRE® application and third-party partners. Better software, better approach, BRIGHTER AUTOMATION®.