You're committed to improving patient experience. We're committed to helping you get there.

Whether you are struggling with the inefficiency of paper rounding, or have purchased a hospital rounding software that is not delivering the results you expected, CLARIFIRE HEALTH™ is here to help you succeed with your rounding goals.

CLARIFIRE HEALTH™ delivers an intelligent and dynamic workflow application that promotes purposeful rounding across your entire hospital system, leading to improved patient experience, safety, and quality of care. With configurable patient rounding screens, easy-to-use features, and immediate access to patient touch points, CLARIFIRE HEALTH™ puts your patient rounding strategy to work.

Our mobile rounding software has a high adoption rate for nurse leader rounding due to its ease of use — enabling a more personalized interaction between nurse and patient, improving the patient perception of care. When patient perception of care is improved, patient experience ratings follow, raising HCAHPS scores and reimbursements.

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In addition to capturing patient and event-based data in a format that is immediately accessible on a mobile device, CLARIFIRE HEALTH™ captures patient preferences, which also become available for reference on future rounds. When nurse leaders are armed with access to individual patient preferences or previously shared notes — it becomes easy to engage in conversation, eliminate repetitive questions, and allows for that personal touch patients prefer.

CLARIFIRE HEALTH™ Patient Rounding App

  • Raises visibility with real-time, actionable data (Rounding PLUS Workflow)
  • Easily connects to your existing EHR platforms, providing HL7 real-time messaging
  • Enriches nurse patient communication with immediate access to patient round responses not only from previous days, but from previous hospital visits
  • Real-time service recovery, positively impacting your HCAHPS scores and reimbursements
  • Promotes rounding completion and cultivates accountability with a user-friendly, mobile interface
  • Provides availability of data across departments and facilities

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Let us show you how easy it is to implement our healthcare rounding solution and solve your patient experience challenges.

Ask us about patient-centered rounding templates for nurse leader rounding, emergency department rounding, surgical rounding, palliative rounding, and more. To request a demo or talk to a CLARIFIRE® healthcare advocate, please contact us.