Leave Auditing Complexity Behind

BRIGHT AUDITS®, a SaaS offering, energizes users to leverage on-demand custom healthcare audits instantly on any mobile device. Whether generating EOC, HAI, safety, or infection control audits, implementing a new audit becomes as simple as create, preview, assign users, review, and publish. Leave input complexity behind.

Tap, swipe, gesture, swipe, tap, go!

Our BRIGHT AUDITS® tool puts you in immediate control of your auditing needs. Healthcare networks can create and modify audits on the fly as hospital guidelines, safety concerns, or fluctuating patient issues and trends evolve. System, hospital, facility, and unit level views are all available at a glance for real-time escalations and management of healthcare compliance.

With BRIGHT AUDITS®, you can successfully take on healthcare challenges such as:

  • Reducing Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs), by providing early detection of threats to patient health and safety, while promoting continuous improvements to patient care.
  • Easily and quickly implementing critical infection control audits when unexpected health-related disasters occur, such as the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Ensuring safety best practices are standardized with Environment of Care (EOC) Audits.

Benefits of BRIGHT AUDITS®

  • Rapidly identify internal control concerns.
  • Mitigate risk by deploying resources to the most high-risk areas.
  • Improve efficiencies with immediate, repeatable, digital audit results.
  • Gain speed to market with proven ease of implementation.
  • Select unlimited user access and audit creation at a price you can afford!

BRIGHT AUDITS®, your mobile strategy for quality and safety. To request a demo or talk to a CLARIFIRE® healthcare advocate, please Contact us or complete the demo request form on this page.

Check out our eBook explaining how BRIGHT AUDITS® provides the audit controls necessary to help your healthcare facility reduce HAIs!

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