Digital Rounding Workflow


Easy. Connected. Results.

Easy. Connected. Results.

Not Just a Point Solution

CLARIFIRE HEALTH is a mobile workflow platform used by progressive healthcare systems for the automation of rounding, audits, and workflows that complement clinical pathways. We fully support the type of visibility, service delivery, and standardization of process that value-based models are requiring.

For the first time in history, the critical data elements that statically exist in scattered locations within hospitals' Electronic Health Records (EHR), now can be accessed in one dynamic view. Providers and their teams launching workflow at the click of a button in real time.

CLARIFIRE HEALTH is an easy-to-use workflow system that can solve many types of process related challenges. Standardization, optimization, flexibility and continuous improvement is now a reality. It is not just a "point solution" that solves only one thing.

Connect. Collaborate. Control. Results. All in one platform.


  • Designed by nurses and physicians with easy-to-use features including large buttons, voice to text, and clicking, swiping and tapping. No more data input.
  • CLARIFIRE HEALTH captures patient preferences, making that personal touch easy for care givers.
  • Secure SaaS offering that provides role-based access to information and processes at a system, hospital, unit, department, or staff level view.
  • Visibility into evidence based data enables organizations to be prepared for joint commission and other regulatory compliance demands.
  • Adapts to your needs without IT.
  • Connects to your EHR.



Patient Rounding

Patient Rounding: Patient experience workflow with stored notes, personal preferences, and admission history, all available with a click of a button. Click here to learn more or view our Patient Rounding video.

Staff Rounding

Leadership Rounding: Leverage our leadership rounding workflow for observing and participating in staff quality and safety measures. Use CLARIFIRE's visibility in real time to take action on rounding outcomes. Click here to learn more.

Clinical Pathways

Clinical Pathways Workflow: Improved patient outcomes are possible when you couple EHR clinical pathways with business process automation, adding power to your healthcare delivery. CLARIFIRE HEALTH solves for challenges such as dispersed data, timeliness of data, relevancy of data, and more. Workflow brings visibility into variations in evidence-based care and promotes continuous improvement. Click here to learn more, or download our Accerlerate Clinical Pathways eBook.

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