In today's highly connected business environments, data is located in multiple systems, formats and locations. The CLARIFIRE solution contains a configurable data exchange solution called CLARIFIRE CONNECTOR®. CLARIFIRE CONNECTOR uses an efficient approach to communication and data translation. By leveraging industry standard communication and data transfer protocols, CLARIFIRE can quickly and easily adapt to the needs of our clients. CLARIFIRE CONNECTOR integrates disparate systems to increase workflow automation, minimize risk and eliminate manual data input.

CLARIFIRE CONNECTOR has a schema building, mapping, staging, routing API.


  • Provides options for multiple data input sources, internal and external.
  • Has parallel processing and load balancing capabilities.
  • Offers a distributed, highly scalable database architecture.
  • Reduces development time of new data exchanges.

Data and Systems Interoperability

For our Healthcare clients, our CLARIFIRE HEALTH® application HL7 compliant interface leverages standard HL7 Admit/Visit Notification (ADT_A01) messages. This provides for easy integration with existing HIS/EHR systems.

For our Financial Services clients, our CLARIFIRE CONNECTOR receives and returns input from multiple systems simultaneously in real time, or in batch. Our standard library of industry web services makes connecting more efficient.

Product Ordering Interoperability

CLARIFIRE CONNECTOR also provides Clarifire clients an interface between the CLARIFIRE application and third party vendors. For example, our connector with First American Mortgage Solutions provides CLARIFIRE users the ability to automate title and services ordering seamlessly through the CLARIFIRE application, and delivery of those orders from First American directly back into the CLARIFIRE application. View our CLARIFIRE / First American Automated Order and Fulfillment video to learn how to incorporate business workflow and title ordering in one secure platform!