Healthcare Workflow for Clinical Pathways: continuous improvement in real time!

As a leader within the healthcare industry, you know the importance of standardizing and operationalizing clinical pathways. Now we can help you become an innovative leader by adding the power of business process automation. Imagine real time trending of data at your fingertips, automatic notifications of thresholds being hit, and visibility into the end to end process in one click. No more searching for outdated or non-relevant information in multiple screens, and no need for manual workarounds and sticky notes. Imagine the improved clinical outcomes and views into captured variations which affords you more time to focus on the delivery of extraordinary patient care, the "true north!"

Clinical pathways, coupled with the power of workflow, takes the best of your evidence-based practices and blends it with dynamic workflow automation to promote organized and standardized patient care from admission through discharge, and transition of care to other facilities. Reduction in manual activities, both operational and clinical, enables care providers, especially physicians, to do what they do best.

Benefits of Clinical Workflows in Healthcare

  • Centralizes all discrete pathway relevant data, empowering healthcare providers to make informed quality decisions.
  • Delivers a consistent stream of seamless integrations between all providers responsible for contributions within the care pathway.
  • Eliminates the manual collection of data needed for pre- and post-op activities.
  • Delivers access to and visibility of clinical variations to the standard pathway, pinpointing process level changes and aligning outcomes.
  • Outcomes correlated to variations and positive clinical outcomes result in the ability to change and improve care pathways.
  • Provides accessibility to system level critical trends in real time.

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What our Clients are saying about CLARIFIRE Clinical Pathways Workflow

"Upon go-live, we were able to immediately trend negative clinical variations in lab practices and weight assessments, which are a vital part of patient decisioning and outcomes for our Congestive Heart Failure Pathways."

"The automated alerts indicating patient declining metrics have been invaluable, enabling rapid responsiveness - we are truly working in real-time now."