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COVID-19 Screening Solution

COVID-19 Screening Tool

Keeping Employees and Communities Safe

Reduction in manual activities, both operational and clinical, enables your care providers to do what they do best.

Mitigate Unnecessary Risk with Digital Screening Solutions

The CLARIFIRE® workflow application offers comprehensive screening and workflow automation tools to help navigate COVID-19. This is no time for manual data collection. Not only are manual processes risky due to germs spread through paper and pens, they lack operational visibility into COVID-19 screening intake and throughput.

CLARIFIRE® is here to assist healthcare organizations with manual uses cases with technology, such as:

  • Intake Screening
  • COVID-19 Test Screening
  • Capacity Planning Workflow

COVID19 Workflow

Connect Rounding & Visitor Tracking to Screening Forms

The flexibility of CLARIFIRE® workflow means the ability to connect the dots from one patient touch point to another while delivering important trending information with the entire patient story. During the COVID-19 pandemic, identifying all aspects of patient visitors is critical; CLARIFIRE® provides visibility into this valuable data.

  • Identify the number of patients that have visitors daily, and connect the visitor screening information form
  • Review an audit trail illustrating the number of visitors that showed, how many were admitted, and if these visitors were in compliance (or not) with hospital guidelines
  • Review the data in real-time for immediate changes and improvements

Real Time Patient Visitor Visibility

COVID19 Workflow

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