Customer Expectations are Expanding ...

The ability to provide enhanced customer experience while adhering to regulatory compliance is a challenging issue for any organization - particularly in the financial services industry. The CLARIFIRE® SaaS workflow automation platform is taking customer experience to the next level by offering self-service options: customers can ask questions, submit inquiries or escalations, request loan modification, complete forms, share documents, and more. Your customers have a concierge that drives them quickly through what they need, when they need it.

Enhance customer communication AND customer engagement while simultaneously confirming compliance with your predefined customer response times.

Benefits of CLARIFIRE

  • Customers have online access to CLARIFIRE COMMUNITY® and are guided through the process on how to submit requests and complaints.
  • Workflow based on customer request type is automatically triggered and routed to the appropriate representative with no delays.
  • Organizations have auditable, interactive communications with customers, in the form of notes, actions and documents.
  • Customers are provided with on-demand access to information.
  • Customers can personalize their preferences to receive notifications of status and communications on their schedule.
  • Dashboards provide interactive views for real-time collaboration.

Ultimately, CLARIFIRE COMMUNITY provides accountability and control for your teams, while the customer has comfort their communications are being handled in a standardized, efficient manner - resulting in improved customer experience.