Customer Success Stories


Our customers are the pioneers of business process and workflow automation in their respective industries. They are unafraid to blaze new trails. Our customers are willing to challenge the status quo and partner with vendors that bring disruptive technologies to the forefront and elevate them to be leaders in their industries.

We refer to our customers as Pioneers of Process.

Here are success stories from a few of our Financial Services customers. Read about their challenges and triumphs.


Customer Success Bank of America Servicing

Bank of America knew they needed to make an investment to transform their Mortgage Servicing operations in order to gain efficiencies and realize strategic objectives.

Boris Roginsky
Former Vice President, Head of Process Design and Technology Innovations at Consumer Real Estate at Bank of America

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Customer Success Bank of America

Bank of America required an innovative product and a talented team of subject matter experts to move them beyond their current operational abilities to achieve their organization's strategic goals.

Bob Caruso

Bob Caruso
Former High Level Executive at Bank of America

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Customer Success Fannie Mae

Fannie Mae needed to quickly update and change the way they processed customer inquiries in the face of the largest US Housing Market Crisis.

Kim Morris
Prior Director, National Servicing Organization, Fannie Mae

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Customer Success Bank of America

Our financial services corporation partnered with Clarifire and brought first-of-its-kind technology to the financial industry to innovate processes and stay competitive.

Rhonda Weston

Rhonda Weston
Former Vice President, Multinational Financial Services Corporation

Read Rhonda's story of success.