Think differently. Automate smartly.


Think differently. Automate smartly.

Enterprise Workflow At Its Best

CLARIFIRE® is an easy-to-use workflow software which automates business processes. This creates operational efficiencies and controls. The technology is front-end configurable and delivers intelligent, business rule driven processes that are easily changed. CLARIFIRE® helps visionary business like yours use the power of process automation to increase productivity, add capability for driving corporate change, and improve your bottom line.

What does this mean? To us, it means that you are seeking the capabilities to work differently. All businesses today are operating in an ever-changing digital environment. How would you like to go beyond just "operating" and start "thriving" instead? Changing your strategic operating model requires the use of innovative technology capable of transforming your organization's business processes, and giving you a competitive advantage in your market segment. We are experts in workflow and operational efficiency.

Manual processing and disparate systems make it a challenge to gain operational efficiencies across your organization. CLARIFIRE® creates an interconnected digital network that seamlessly brings workflows, systems, and people into a connected, efficient world. The capability and flexibility to change your strategic operating model is at your fingertips. Continuous improvement is now a reality and will drive your digital transformation forward.

With the increased scrutiny and ever-changing regulations facing many industries, failure to comply can be costly to both an organization's reputation and pocketbook. CLARIFIRE®'s flexible workflow automation solution provides your business users the power to make changes, not developers. Modifications are made quickly and easily, keeping your organization in control.

Customer expectations for real-time information and on-demand responsiveness are influencing today's strategies and products. All organizations need to provide a simplified, automated customer experience. CLARIFIRE COMMUNITY™ delivers a streamlined, automated solution that enables seamless interactions between the business and customer. Now all business users, partners, and customers are in one secure workflow application that enhances communication, collaboration, and accountability.


Get an overview of some of the operational segments we serve:

Why We Are Different


Secure workflow technology provides easy access to information for all participants within a process, internal and external.


SaaS model reduces overhead and increases speed to market.


Configurable workflow and rules drive the ability to expand outside the initial implementation to add workflow capabilities quickly and easily as you operate and grow your business.


Reduces human errors and redundant actions with automation of manual tasks, reducing cycle times and improving quality.


Centralized, consistent outcomes and auditable results empower executives with decisionable data. Comprehensive logging and audit trails to rely on.


Mature cybersecurity program and framework, complete with certifications and attestations.

What our clients say about us ...

end to end workflow

"We need to manage end to end workflow and CLARIFIRE® helps us do that!"

Senior Vice President- Large national financial services company

Workflow processes

"We were able to significantly increase our daily count of processes closed the very first day using CLARIFIRE®!"

Automation Support Coordinator- Large national financial entity

Workflow and business requirements

"We needed innovation in order to transform our business processes, Clarifire helped us do that."

Director of Innovation- Large non-profit hospital organization

Workflow and business requirements

"The process of defining business requirements was very professional and effective. Clarifire put a lot of effort into understanding our business and its nature. Kudos for all the hard work!"

Senior Project Manager- Large national financial entity

Workflow and business requirements

"CLARIFIRE® is a great tool, Jane. I've used it for many years. Your efforts have been a success!"

Co-Owner, Manager/Organizer- Antique and Collectibles Auction Company