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How well are you managing your vendor oversight?

CLARIFIRE® can help.

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CLARIFIRE automates, operationalizes and standardizes financial services processes across the spectrum of industry offerings. CLARIFIRE's robust workflow coupled with mobile accessibility puts all critical stakeholders in a common online business community. Proven results include success in the areas of loan servicing of any type, loss mitigation, customer escalations and overall reduction of timelines. The regulatory metrics are embedded in the business rules and actions. It takes business innovation and process automation to outpace the pace of change.

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  • ACCESSIBILITY: Secure, web-based technology provides easy access to information for all participants within a process, internal and external.
  • AFFORDABILITY: SaaS model reduces overhead and increases speed to market.
  • SCALABILITY: Configurable workflow and rules provides ability to comply with product, regulatory and company policy changes quickly and easily as you operate and grow your business.
  • TRANSPARENCY: Personalized, configurable dashboard views of all activity allow organizations to have visibility into the entire workflow process and solve problems strategically while eliminating manual handoffs and silos.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: Single interactive workflow platform and audit trail for all industry participants with secure access rights.


Here are a few examples of CLARIFIRE workflow processes in use in the financial services industry today:

Customer Engagement and Retention: Clarifire's workflow automation platform is taking customer care to the next level. Click here to learn how customers can have on-demand access to make requests, submit escalations or complaints, request loan modifications, and upload documents.



Loss Mitigation: Looking to simplify your complex loss mitigation processes? CLARIFIRE provides workflow automation to lenders and loan servicers seeking to more efficiently manage their loan portfolios and associated stakeholders. Check out the CLARIFIRE Loss Mitigation workflow solution.

Vendor Management: Do you know if your vendors are in line with regulatory changes? Do your vendors use standardized processes that are auditable? Could you survive an audit of your vendors? CLARIFIRE's workflow automation allows you to gain control. Click here to learn how.

Vendor Management

MSR Dashboard

Servicing Transfer Management: CLARIFIRE can help you meet Servicing Transfer requirements with our end-to-end mortgage servicing workflow process that meets CFPB requirements and more. Click here to learn more.

Additional CLARIFIRE Technology Solutions for the Financial Services Industry:

  • CFPB Compliance Solutions with CLARIFIRE® Technology
  • TRID / "Know Before You Owe" Mortgage Rule with CLARIFIRE Technology
  • Fannie Mae SMDU Connectivity provides Fannie Mae SMDU decisions directly into CLARIFIRE.
  • Our interface with First American Mortgage Solutions provides CLARIFIRE users the ability to automate title and services ordering seamlessly through the CLARIFIRE application, and delivery of those orders from First American directly back into the CLARIFIRE application. View our CLARIFIRE / First American Automated Order and Fulfillment video to learn how to incorporate business workflow and title ordering in one secure platform!
  • Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) Solutions on the horizon with CLARIFIRE.
  • Click here to view information on many ways the CLARIFIRE application improves customer outcomes with its exceptional interoperability.

What our clients say about us ...

"CLARIFIRE allows us to personalize each borrower experience because it provides the information and helps us set correct expectations."

Manager- One of the nation's largest and strongest financial services companies

Customer Experience

"There are 3 key things that CLARIFIRE provides:

1) Consistency in execution
2) Transparency in process
3) Scalability"

Senior VP- One of the nation's largest and strongest financial services companies

Consistency, transparance and scalability

"We went to big players, but the mortgage industry was not ready. Loss Mitigation was a novel concept with everyone refinancing their homes. We needed flexible technology to keep up with regulatory changes. Jane and team walked side by side with us and has made the ability to do our job that much easier."

Senior VP, Credit Risk Management- Large U.S. financial services company

flexible technology to keep up with regulatory changes

"[CLARIFIRE] technology has allowed us to scale quickly, react quickly, and help more borrowers keep their home."

Manager- One of the nation's largest and strongest financial services companies

scale quickly, react quickly

"Our biggest enabler of increasing productivity is technology; the amount of work per unit has gone up incredibly. We are not only moving through more cases, but, doing more per case with the same number of users - all due to the unified platform that CLARIFIRE provides."

Senior VP, Credit Risk Management- Large U.S. financial services company

Unified platform

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