Manage Leadership Rounding — Improve Staff Retention

Leadership Rounding is a process where leaders (i.e., administrators, unit leaders and nurse managers) make a commitment to go out "on the floor" and visit frontline staff face-to-face in their own work environment. Speaking directly with staff and residents about care, safety, issues, and overall services provided is key toward improving communication and bridging the divide between leaders and caregivers.

Benefits of CLARIFIRE

CLARIFIRE HEALTH®'s workflow platform provides for an automated rounding for outcomes program, which delivers actionable real-time data with features that are easy to use and efficient for on-the-spot support and escalation. Benefits include:

  • Elevating staff accountability to ensure rounds are completed
  • Identifying process improvement opportunities
  • Building caregiver team relationships
  • Fostering rounding completion with a user-friendly, mobile interface
  • Promoting a safe environment for patients
  • Removing barriers to providing great patient care while identifying practices that improve patient experience

Let us show you how easy it is to implement our healthcare rounding solution. To request a demo or talk to a CLARIFIRE healthcare advocate, please contact us.