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December 16, 2020 - Can you roll with regulatory impact? Absolutely! See how in this recent piece Jane Mason, Clarifire CEO, wrote in National Mortgage News. Click HERE to read the article.

December 1, 2020 - Jane Mason was a recipient of the 2020 Tech Trendsetter Award by Housing Wire for her role in bringing innovative solutions to market for the mortgage industry. Read more about this award HERE.

November 1, 2020 - Jane Mason, Clarifire CEO, was featured in the November issue of the Women With Vision (WWV) Magazine, as part of the 2020 WWV Award Winners Circle. Read the story HERE.

October 1, 2020 - Jane Mason, Clarifire CEO, spoke with DS News about making it as a female in the mortgage servicing industry. Read the story HERE.

September 15, 2020 - Jane Mason, Clarifire CEO, wrote an article for Mortgage Women Magazine on How Workflow Automation Has Gone Viral in a Global Pandemic. Read the article HERE.

September 9, 2020 - Jane Mason was awarded the 2020 Women With Vision Award, by Women With Vision Magazine, for her vision and growth as a leader. See the award HERE.

August 25, 2020 - Jane Mason, Clarifire CEO, was interviewed by MortgageOrb about the need for automation to manage impact of COVID-19 crisis. Read the article HERE.

August 19, 2020 - Jane Mason, Clarifire CEO, was quoted by Inside Mortgage Finance speaking about the increased need for workflow automation technology since COVID. Read the article HERE.

July 22, 2020 - Gateway Mortgage selects CLARIFIRE® for improving loss mitigation processes. View our Press Release

June 16, 2020 - Jane Mason, Clarifire CEO, was honored with the 2020 Thought Leader Award by PROGRESS in Lending. Jane is being recognized as a trailblazer in the mortgage industry during the COVID-19 pandemic. Click here to read the full article.

May 26, 2020 - Jane Mason, CEO, spoke with American Banker about the aftermath of delinquencies and foreclosures resulting from the impact of COVID-19. Read the article here.

May 13, 2020 - Clarifire and USF Health partner with vision to elevate student education with innovative technology used by healthcare organizations today. View the press release here.

May 1, 2020 - Clarifire CEO, Jane Mason, speaks with MReport to discuss challenges and her viewpoint related to diversity and inclusion. Click here.

May 1, 2020 - Clarifire CEO, Jane Mason, writes an article for DSNews about the challenges and technology strategies that can help with COVID-19 impacts, aptly titled ‘When the Dominoes Begin To Fall’. Click here to read her article.

April 9, 2020 - Clarifire CEO, Jane Mason, interviews with National Mortgage News to talk about the 5 effects of the coronavirus mortgage ‘payment holiday’. Click here to read the article.

April 1, 2020- Clarifire CEO, Jane Mason, was named as Mortgage Bankers Association’s 2020 Tech All-Star for her vision to transform chaos into clarity. Click here to read the article.

March 24, 2020- Clarifire CEO, Jane Mason, discusses the value of diversity in National Mortgage Professional Magazine’s Diversity Roundtable for 2020. Click here to read the article.

March 2, 2020- Clarifire CEO, Jane Mason, wrote an article for The Mortgage Banker Magazine where she details how cloud computing and workflow automation are transforming mortgage servicing. Click here to read the article.

March 1, 2020- Clarifire CEO, Jane Mason, was featured in the DS News cover story “New Horizons”. Jane joins other industry leaders to discuss how servicers can utilize tech in the next decade. Click here to read the article.

January 13, 2020- Clarifire CEO, Jane Mason, spoke with National Mortgage News about how the financial services industry can help the people of Puerto Rico amid catastrophic earthquake damage. Click here to read more.

December 7, 2020 - In the December issue of DS News, Jane Mason, Clarifire CEO offers insight into how servicers can implement the right technology to adapt to uncertainty surrounding the pandemic impact. Read the article HERE.

November 9, 2020 - Clarifire was selected as a MReport 2020 Top 30 Companies in Mortgage & Servicing! Read more HERE.

October 1, 2020 - Jane Mason was a recipient of the 2020 Vanguard Award by HousingWire for leadership and innovation in the mortgage industry. See the award HERE.

September 22, 2020 - USF Health Nursing Students Begin Using CLARIFIRE®! Read the USF Web Story HERE.

September 11, 2020 - Jane Mason, Clarifire CEO, was interviewed by HousingWire about the role technology plays in an ever-changing housing market. Read the article HERE.

August 31, 2020 - Clarifire integrates CoreLogic credit reports and scores into CLARIFIRE® workflow automation software. View our Press Release.

August 25, 2020 - First American integrates Loss Mitigation products with CLARIFIRE® workflow automation. View our Press Release.

August 3, 2020 - Jane Mason was awarded the 2020 HousingWire Woman of Influence Award for taking technology to a new level. See the award HERE

June 24, 2020 - Idaho Housing Authority selects CLARIFIRE® as its automated workflow solution for loss mitigation processes. View our Press Release

June 5, 2020 - Jane Mason, Clarifire CEO, was featured on the cover of the Tampa Bay Business & Wealth magazine. In the cover story, she explains how Clarifire stays prepared for a crisis and sets an example in leading automation. Read the article here.

May 19, 2020 - Jane Mason, Clarifire CEO, published an article in National Mortgage News for servicers rethinking technology during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read the article here.

May 11, 2020 - Clarifire CEO, Jane Mason, joins a panel of experts with National Mortgage Professional Magazine to discuss where the industry is going Post-Pandemic Click here to read the article.

May 1, 2020 - Clarifire is showcased in the DS News best of Loss Mitigation Tech and Servicers Guide. Take a look, click here.

April 22, 2020 - Jane Mason, Clarifire CEO, speaks with National Mortgage Professional Magazine about successfully managing the flood of forbearance requests resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Click here to read the article.

April 8, 2020- Clarifire CEO, Jane Mason wrote an article for NEXT Mortgage News with 3 steps the mortgage industry can take to tame COVID-19 chaos. 

March 26, 2020- Clarifire CEO, Jane Mason, shares with NEXT Mortgage News her three steps to surviving COVID-19 for the mortgage servicing industry. 

March 19, 2020- Clarifire CEO, Jane Mason, weighs in with National Mortgage News about loss mitigation standards. Click here to read the article.

March 1, 2020- Clarifire was named one of HousingWire’s Tech100 Mortgage winners for the fourth consecutive year! HousingWire Tech100 Mortgage recognizes innovative technology companies that are revolutionizing the mortgage lending process. Click here for award details.

February 18, 2020- Clarifire CEO, Jane Mason, wrote an article for Forbes where she shares four life-changing decisions that were integral to her success. These decisions serve as fundamental lessons for any entrepreneur. Click here to read the article.

January 8, 2020 - Clarifire has been selected as part of the Ginnie Mae modernization BPA working with Guidehouse and Accenture. Click here to find out more.

December 28, 2019- Clarifire CEO, Jane Mason, was interviewed by Rob Chrisman to discuss the challenges mortgage servicers are experiencing from the increasing number of natural disasters each year. Click this link to read the article.

December 3, 2019- Clarifire CEO, Jane Mason, was interviewed by MBA Newslink to discuss natural disaster planning and mortgage servicing compliance. Read more on the interview here.

October 27, 2019- Jane Mason recognized as a 2019 Lending Luminary Winner by the Progress in Lending Association for her vision, influence, and leadership in the housing industry.

October 17, 2019- Clarifire CEO, Jane Mason, wrote an article for the National Mortgage News discussing how automated workflow with dynamic pathing can replace your spreadsheets for flexibility and transparency throughout your organization. Learn more here.

October 9, 2019- Jane Mason has been recognized for the 2019 Women with Vision Award - as a visionary leader with a proven track record in the mortgage industry. The winners were chosen by 20/20 Vision for Success Coaching and Mortgage Women Magazine, and will be featured in the November issue of Mortgage Women Magazine.

April 1, 2019- Clarifire: 2019 HousingWire Tech100 Winner! Clarifire makes the HousingWire Tech100 list for the third consecutive year! HousingWire Tech100 recognizes the most innovative and impactful technology companies in the U.S. housing economy, spanning real estate, mortgage lending, mortgage servicing and investments.

February 22, 2019- Clearwater Marine Aquarium celebrated its 7th annual signature dinner and auction, Winter on the Beach. All of us at Clarifire are inspired by the outstanding work the Clearwater Marine Aquarium does to help educate the community, rescue stranded mammals and sea turtles, and provide a wonderful safe haven for marine animals. Clarifire was a Patron Sponsor.

December 13, 2019- Mortgage servicing experts, including Clarifire CEO Jane Mason, discuss with DSNews lessons learned in 2019 and how they expect to overcome challenges in 2020 in their December issue. Read it here.

November 1, 2019- Jane Mason, Clarifire CEO, was interviewed for the November 1st DSNews article entitled "Weight of the World: Challenges in Property Preservation." In the article she discusses, along with other industry leaders, recommendations on how to face property preservation challenges before, during, and after a disaster. Click here to view the entire article.

October 24, 2019- Covius™, a leading provider of technology-enabled services to the financial service industry, announced today that it is integrating its full suite of loss mitigation services with Clarifire. The integration will allow CLARIFIRE® workflow users to seamlessly order most third-party products and services needed as part of any loss mitigation workout strategy. Read Press Release.

October 14, 2019- Clarifire CEO, Jane Mason, was featured in the article “Jane Mason: A Passion for Process” on for embracing diversity and changing the status quo in the mortgage industry by leading by example. 

September 30, 2019- Jane Mason selected as one of HousingWire's 2019 Tech Trendsetters - an award highlighting the most impactful and innovative technology leaders driving the housing and mortgage industries.

March 13, 2019- Clarifire, a leader in workflow automation, announces that RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing Corporation has implemented CLARIFIRE® as its loss mitigation workflow automation platform. View our Press Release in BusinessWire.

October 10, 2018- Clarifire, a leader in workflow automation, and SoftWorks AI, a leader in artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions, are showcasing a new powerful solution for financial services organizations at the 2018 MBA Annual Conference in Washington D.C. from October 14-17, 2018. View our Press Release in BusinessWire.

May 30, 2018- Opelousas General Health System Selects CLARIFIRE HEALTH™ For Patient Experience. Clarifire, a leader in workflow automation, was selected by Opelousas General Health System (OGHS) as part of its ongoing mission to improve the overall patient experience. View our Press Release in BusinessWire.

April 5, 2018- Clarifire CEO, Jane Mason discusses deregulation - the new phase of operational disruption for mortgage loan servicers, in the "Survival of the Fittest" technology feature published in the April edition of MReport.

April 2, 2018- Clarifire: 2018 HousingWire Tech100 Winner! Clarifire makes the HousingWire Tech100 list for the second consecutive year! HousingWire Tech100 recognizes the most innovative technology companies in the U.S. housing economy, spanning real estate, mortgage lending, mortgage servicing and investments.

October 9, 2018- CLARIFIRE® Awarded BayCare's Extraordinary Care Award for 2018! BayCare Health System, a leading not-for-profit health care system in Florida, awarded CLARIFIRE®, an innovative healthcare workflow application, and their internal teams, their Extraordinary Care Award for 2018. The award recognizes BayCare's multi-disciplinary approach to Managing Clinical Pathways using CLARIFIRE® workflow. View our Press Release in BusinessWire.

May 1, 2018- CLARIFIRE® is listed in the May, 2018 issue of DS News in the section titled "MOST VALUABLE PLAYERS - The Best in Loss Mit Tech and Services." Click here to view our CLARIFIRE® "Loss Mit Tech and Services Guide."

April 4, 2018- Clarifire and SoftWorks AI Announce Partnership Clarifire partners with SoftWorks AI, an artificial intelligence and machine-learning automation firm, to deliver solutions to clients in both the financial and healthcare industries. View our Press Release in BusinessWire.

April, 2018- Clarifire is again part of the top technology companies published in the annual Tech Guide edition (April 2018) of MReport Magazine! View the full profile.

October, 2017- Clarifire Named in Apps Run The Cloud's Top 500 Largest Cloud Application Vendors for 2017
Clarifire has been recognized again as one of the top 500 largest cloud application vendors by APPS RUN THE WORLD, a leading Information and Communication Technology Firm. Clarifire, ranking at #320, has been a leader in the push to reduce IT infrastructure footprints while offering a slick and innovative web-based business process automation solution. Being cloud-based is just one of the many reasons why CLARIFIRE® truly is BRIGHTER AUTOMATION®. Click here to see the full report. Click here to learn more about how you can leverage the CLARIFIRE® application.

June, 2017- Clarifire CEO, Jane Mason, discusses RegTech in the "Limitless Possibilities" technology article published in the June 2017 edition of DS News.
Click here to view the entire article on pages 64 thru 69.

April, 2017- The Clarifire corporate profile was published in the annual technology edition (April 2017) of MReport Magazine! View the full profile ...

March 6, 2017- Clarifire has been selected for the 2017 HW TECH100, an award reserved for the top technology companies leading the housing industry by the publication HousingWire Magazine.

"The companies in the 2017 HW TECH100™ cover the entire mortgage finance spectrum. There's hardly a corner of our industry that hasn't been transformed in some way, either by fintech startups focusing on a specific software need or legacy companies evolving to compete in the new environment," said HousingWire Magazine Editor Sara Wheeler. "Now more than ever, these companies are delivering the innovation this industry needs to do its most important job: supporting the American Dream."

January 9, 2017- Clarifire is proud to welcome the following executives to its Advisory Board:

Clarifire's Advisory Board brings their robust talents, experience and contacts to our management team. This powerful group of professionals will provide strategic guidance on the business strategy and growth plans of the company. Clarifire is leveraging their knowledge in order to optimize products, increase market share, enhance client relationships and strengthen corporate governance.

Click Click here to read the official press release about the Clarifire Advisory Board.

October, 2017- Clarifire CEO, Jane Mason, joins USF St. Pete's Kate Tiedemann College of Business Dean's Advisory Board. The purpose of the Dean's Advisory Board is to ensure that the vision of the Kate Tiedemann College of Business is relevant, timely, and forward-looking in the context of today's global business environment. The Council shall help advance that vision by engaging in various activities and initiatives that enable the College to make meaningful progress toward its strategic initiatives and tactical goals. In addition, Board members will serve as liaisons between academia and their respective business or government organizations.

April 27, 2017- Clarifire CEO, Jane Mason, spoke at the Women in Housing and Finance 2017 Annual Symposium, as a member of the Technology and Innovation panel. The panel's discussion centered on "What is RegTech and how is it driving regulatory reform?"

March 29, 2017- Clarifire announces it newest SaaS offering - a mobile application, BRIGHT AUDITS™, which is truly brighter than the rest of the audits available to healthcare users. This easy to use application energizes users to leverage on-demand custom healthcare audits instantly on any mobile device. View the full Press Release, published on Business Wire .

February 23, 2017- Clarifire welcomes Cynthia Dodd Adcock as the latest member of its Advisory Board. Cynthia Dodd Adcock is an experienced Director Of Communications with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry. She currently holds the position of Director of Communications and Congressional Relations at Ginnie Mae.

Click Click here to read the official press release about the Clarifire Advisory Board.

Janyary 9, 2017- Clarifire is partnering with SPSC Crossfit in St. Petersburg to provide Clarifire employees with the opportunity to participate in a 2017 Nutrition/Wellness Challenge. The challenge includes body composition testing, nutrition workshops and meal plans, and in-gym or at-home workouts. The goal of the challenge is not just to walk away with great results but lasting habits you can continue to use for life. A great way to start the New Year!

December 1, 2016- Clarifire has been recognized as a 2016 Gold Level Recipient of the American Heart Association's Fit-Friendly Worksites Recognition program for the third consecutive year.

October 10, 2016- Jane Mason, Clarifire CEO, Presented at iTexico's 2016 Customer Council in Guadalajara, Mexico. iTexico partners from all over the United States met to discuss innovation in the field of software development. Jane Mason delivered a presentation on the power of collaboration and communication when partnering on software development. She discussed how Clarifire's agile methodology fosters collaboration and allows us to react quickly to industry technology needs and delivers speed to market alongside our partners.

August 11, 2016- Infection Control and Clinical Quality. Infection control is a key issue in healthcare facilities today. Read a recent Becker's Healthcare article entitled "Too much of a good thing? Not possible for hand hygiene compliance, study finds."

July 25, 2016- Jane Mason, Clarifire CEO, was interviewed for the July 25th DSNews article entitled "Leveraging Technology for a Smoother Transfer Process." Click here to view the entire article.

March 14, 2016- CLARIFIRE HEALTH™ Unites with their clients to monitor patient safety best practices. As part of the National Patient Safety Awareness Week, CLARIFIRE HEALTH™ is expanding the impact of their Quality and Compliance Audit functionality to include more metrics and more departments.

Read more about Patient Safety Awareness Week and some startling patient safety statistics in this United for Patient Safety campaign article.

October 12, 2016- Clarifire Listed #20 in the Tampa Bay Business Journal's Top Women-Owned Businesses. Each Fall, the The Tampa Bay Business Journal publishes its annual "Book of Lists" - the premier source for local business intelligence in the Tampa Bay area. The recently released 2015-16 Book of Lists ranks Clarifire as #20 of Top Women-Owned Businesses.

October 7, 2016- Accelerating Innovation with Leadership. Check out yesterday's insightful LinkedIn publication by Bill Gates entitled Accelerating Innovation with Leadership, with emphasis on the importance of government support for innovation and technology.

July 27, 2016- Jane Mason, Clarifire CEO, attended the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond's Annual Supplier Diversity Vendor Fair. The Federal Reserve Bank is committed to the fair inclusion of diverse suppliers in its procurement and Clarifire is a small, woman-owned business certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). At the vendor fair, participants learned some tips on doing business with Richmond Fed and engaged in networking opportunities with the Fed procurement and business lines. Click here to read more about the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond's Supplier Diversity Program.

April 27, 2016- Jane Mason, Clarifire CEO, was interviewed for the "April 2016 - Tech Revolution" cover story of The MReport Magazine. On the subject of interoperability in today's workflow solutions, Jane Mason was quoted as saying "The challenge with using many single-point technologies is that you begin to experience a lack of oversight and control due to the many silos. The better the business does, the more technologies are acquired and soon you are left with an environment that cannot scale and must be patched together. IT turns to in-house development to hard code a fix which then requires more resources." Click here to view entire cover story.

December 10, 2015- Clarifire has been ranked in the TBBJ 200 Private Companies List
Click here to view the entire list of successful companies making up The Tampa Bay Business Journal's TBBJ 200 List.

October 12, 2015- Clarifire Named in Apps Run The Cloud's Top 500 Largest Cloud Application Vendors 2 Years In a Row
Clarifire has been recognized again as one of the top 500 largest cloud application vendors by APPS RUN THE WORLD, a leading Information and Communication Technology Firm. Clarifire, ranking at #226, has been a leader in the push to reduce IT infrastructure footprints while offering a slick and innovative web-based business process automation solution. Being cloud-based is just one of the many reasons why CLARIFIRE® truly is BRIGHTER AUTOMATION®. Click here to see the full report. Click here to learn more about how you can leverage the CLARIFIRE® application.

September 30, 2015- Clarifire Announces Release of New Redesigned Website
Our goal is to provide our website visitors with an easier way to learn about CLARIFIRE®'s flexible workflow platform and allow users to browse information based on their own industry specific challenges. The new website is interactive and provides improved access to news, videos, case studies and applied examples of workflow.

September 8, 2015- Clarifire, a Gold Level Sponsor, will be exhibiting its CLARIFIRE HEALTH™ software at the FONE Educational Conference on November 11th thru 13th.

September 1, 2015- Clarifire will be attending the 21st Annual ABS EAST® Conference September 16th thru 18th in Miami Beach, Florida.

July 28, 2015- CLARIFIRE HEALTH™ Case Study
Read how one large healthcare system sought after workflow and mobile technology to standardize their approach to patient experience. Prior to CLARIFIRE®, the state of their leadership rounds was performed on paper and left the organization with little ability to track, trend and respond. CLARIFIRE HEALTH™ automated and standardized their rounding process (including full EMR integration) in less than 30 days. READ MORE.

June 24, 2015- As Seen in the M Report- Clarifire featured in June Technology Guide
MReport, a leading source of breaking news and up-to-date information for the mortgage banking industry, has recognized Clarifire as a top technology provider of SaaS workflow automation software. It doesn't matter if you are managing post-closing activities, bulk transfers, corporate advance reconciliations, CFPB compliance, customer service escalations or end to end loan servicing, the CLARIFIRE® solution automates and streamlines your processes. View a PDF of our page!

June 1, 2015- CLARIFIRE® Reduces Loss Mitigation Cycle Times by 50%
CLARIFIRE® workflow technology provides the complete solution for simplifying complex loss mitigation processes by combining robust workflow automation with powerful workout rules decisioning in one view. Coupled with real time validation and messaging, organizations can meet regulatory requirements, while at the same time create efficiencies within their business processes. From gathering customer documents, managing internal and external communications, eSignatures and order fulfillments, to full workout decisioning and structuring for Retention and Liquidation workouts, the CLARIFIRE® Streamlined Loss Mitigation workflow solution has it all.

To learn more about how you can benefit from CLARIFIRE®'s Strealined Loss Mitigation Solution, please contact us.

May 5, 2015- As Seen in DS News- Clarifire featured in May Technology Guide
DS News, a leading source of breaking news and up-to-date information for the housing and mortgage professional, has recognized Clarifire as a top technology provider of Saas workflow automation software for financial institutions. DS News identifies Clarifire as a leader in configurable solutions that allow businesses to pivot and thrive in changing regulatory markets.

April 22, 2015- CLARIFIRE®, Completely Redesigned User Interface & Great New Features Available in June
CLARIFIRE®'s stunning new user interface (UI) combines the power of its workflow with a modern, simpler to use, intuitive interface. This upgrade is packed with new features and functionality that will catapult the user experience and provide the cutting-edge look and feel users desire -- including easy navigation using a desktop or tablet. To learn more about CLARIFIRE®'s modernization and how you can benefit from its innovative workflow automation, simply contact us.

February 16, 2015- Clarifire Uniquely Positioned to Provide Servicers Direct Access to SMDU
The CLARIFIRE® application is one of a few that have direct access to SMDU. This connectivity automates real-time qualifications and workout decisioning along with launching the workflow for consistent default servicing. Servicers can also bulk process loan modifications and SMDU workout decisions directly from within CLARIFIRE. To learn more about how you can benefit from a direct connection to SMDU with robust, standardized workflow all on a secure business process platform, please contact us.

January 24, 2015- SOC 2 Type II Compliance Attestation Received
Clarifire is pleased to announce its receipt of a SOC 2 Type II Compliance Attestation. This protection is key for information security compliance as Clarifire offers Software-as-a-Service solutions on secured platforms. The Service Organization Controls (SOC) reports are designed to foster trust and confidence in service organizations that operate information systems and provide information system services to other entities, through a report by an independent Certified Public Accountant attesting the compliance with robust security standards and protocols. This attestation is further evidence of Clarifire's leadership as a web-based service provider.

October 21, 2015- CLARIFIRE HEALTH™ to be Demonstrated at the "App Spotlight Event" hosted by Apple in Tampa on November 5th, 2015
Join us for a personalized demonstration of CLARIFIRE HEALTH™ and Mobile Heartbeat™ and discover how innovative mobile technologies are streamlining patient experience communications, increasing HCAHPS scores, and improving response times.

October 1, 2015- Clarifire Technology Transforms Bayfront Health's Rounding Processes
Clarifire, a leader in workflow technology, announced today that its CLARIFIRE HEALTH™ solution was selected by Bayfront Health to automate rounding processes at its flagship hospital, Bayfront Health St. Petersburg. Read more about the positive impact that CLARIFIRE HEALTH™ is having on Bayfront Health's scores related to patient experience.

September 8, 2015- CLARIFIRE HEALTH™, the leader in automated mobile rounding solutions, proves out that patient experience scores can be improved in as little as 45 days!
As the percentage of rounds completed increases, hospital organizations are seeing a significant increase in nurse communication. Click here to learn how this complete rounding solution delivered immediate results to Bayfront health St. Petersburg, a leading Florida hospital on the Gulf Coast.

September 4, 2015- Clarifire, a top technology provider of Saas workflow automation software for financial institutions, will be attending the MBA's Regulatory Compliance Conference 2015 on September 20th thru 22nd in Washington, DC.
Click here for more conference information, or to request a meeting with a Clarifire sales representative at the conference.

August 10, 2015- CLARIFIRE COMMUNITY™ facilitates collaboration and oversight for industry participants involved in the closing process
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) held a well-attended industry forum on Wednesday in tandem with their release of findings on the eClosing pilot conducted earlier this year. The session, entitled “Forum on Know Before You Owe eClosing Pilot”, included an overview of the eClosing pilot findings report and a panelist discussion on the pilot experience and findings. The panel participants specifically referenced the need for technology innovation and solutions that properly support educating the consumer and improving the consumer experience. CLARIFIRE COMMUNITY™ would go a long way in facilitating collaboration and oversight of the numerous industry participants involved in the closing process, including lenders, title insurers, settlement agents and notaries. Click here for a summary of the session.

July 15, 2015- CLARIFIRE® Provides a Solution for Vendor Management Oversight
Clarifire's SaaS business process automation solution now includes workflow to manage vendor oversight. This brings major relief to players in the financial industry who have been clamoring for a solution to meet the guidelines issued by the CFPB and GSEs. The solution is quickly implemented, easily integrates systems and participants into one workspace, orchestrates the exchange of documentation, work activities and communication, and drives progress. It maintains a unified audit trail while tying all of the pieces together and provides visibility into it all. To learn more about how CLARIFIRE® can help you manage your vendors, request information here.

June 12, 2015- CLARIFIRE® Assists the Financial Services Industry with Meeting TRID Guidelines
The industry is quickly closing in on the deadline for implementation of the Truth in Lending Act (TILA), Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) Integrated Disclosures (TRID). With numerous Loan Origination Systems (LOS) lacking full readiness, banks, mortgage lenders, and third party service providers are left scrambling to find a robust solution that can be quickly implemented. CLARIFIRE® -- a workflow application that is easily configured to respond to the ever-changing regulatory requirement landscape, allowing for fast changes and implementation timelines -- is that solution.

To learn more about how CLARIFIRE® can assist you in ensuring TRID readiness, please contact us.

June 1, 2015- CLARIFIRE® Automates Secondary Mortgage Processes
At the MBA National Secondary Market Conference & Expo 2015, we enjoyed meeting with many of our existing clients and potential clients. We talked to many mortgage market attendees that were interested in automating their mortgage workflow or specific areas of their workflow to improve efficiency while reducing complexity, expenses and associated risks. Many attendees wanted to hear more about CLARIFIRE®'s new whole loan and MSR transfer automation.

If we missed you at the MBA Secondary Conference and you would like to hear how CLARIFIRE® can help you automate any aspect of your mortgage origination, secondary market, or servicing workflow, such as your whole loan or MSR transfers, please contact us.

May 1, 2015- Clarifire has teamed up with one of the strongest brands in the industry, Apple!
Clarifire is now a member of Apple’s ABSP program. Apple Business Solution Provider is a highly regarded partnership recognized by APPLE that calls out CLARIFIRE HEALTH™ for not only being an innovative and valuable mobile APP but a product that their healthcare sales team will recognize with respect to ipad sales and value-adds. In addition, we have also been approved as an Apple Reseller. CLARIFIRE® can offer the complete solution to their large hospital organizations. Congratulations Clarifire!

March 23, 2015- Clarifire in top ten largest Medical Technology Companies in the Tampa Bay area
The Tampa Bay Business Journal has ranked the Tampa Bay areas's largest medical technology companies, with Clarifire positioned at #6. CLARIFIRE HEALTH's automated patient rounding application empowers healthcare organizations to be mobile and work in real-time while standardizing hospital rounding processes and impacting patient satisfaction.

February 12, 2015- Health IT Security article focuses on benefits of CLARIFIRE HEALTH Mobile Technology implemented by BayCare Health System
Clarifire continues to expand the reach of its workflow automation solutions and it has garnered media attention. BayCare Health System recently stated in a press release that the software solution has enhanced their service and the patient experience. Health IT Security has also published an article that examines information technology, functionality and the security of CLARIFIRE HEALTH™, the mobile app and the automated workflow. Read more ...

December 31, 2014- BayCare Utilizes CLARIFIRE HEALTH™ for Patient Experience Initiative
BayCare Health System is using the CLARIFIRE HEALTH™ software solution in 5 of its Tampa-Bay hospitals. Our workflow automation technology is being used for patient rounding, so that health care professionals can be more patient-focused when managing the patient's experience. Accessed by mobile devices, the application is easy to use, automates processes and greatly improves patient satisfaction. Read more ...

November 13, 2014- Clarifire Recognized as FinTech Forward Solutions Provider
Clarifire has been named to the 2014 list of FinTech Forward Solutions Providers. This honor means Clarifire is among the top 100 technology companies in the world providing technology solutions to the financial industry. Mortgage servicers and banks have embraced automated workflow through our CLARIFIRE® technology in many different facets of their businesses, to drive customer satisfaction and compliance. Learn more.

October 6, 2014- Clarifire's Third Annual Wellness Fair Huge Success
Clarifire held its third annual Wellness Fair in which many employees participated. Services included flu shots, skin cancer screenings, and vision screenings. The wellness initiative has been expanding and will continue to grow as part of Clarifire's dedication to the health and wellbeing of its team members. Click here to view our album.

September 5, 2014- Clarifire Ranked in Top 10 Women-Owned Business Tampa Bay
Clarifire has been ranked 7th out of 100 women-owned businesses by The Tampa Bay Business Journal. CEO Jane Mason, a recognized leader in workflow automation, has taken the company into new markets like healthcare, demonstrating that the CLARIFIRE® technology is uniquely positioned to create efficiencies in any process-driven business.

June 8, 2014- Clarifire CEO, Jane Mason, is Keynote Speaker for the 2014 South East Region Girl Scout Gold Award
Jane Mason has been selected as the 2014 South East Region Keynote Speaker for the Girl Scout Gold Award. The Girl Scout Gold Award represents the highest achievement in Girl Scouting. Open only to girls in high school, this prestigious award challenges you to change the world - or at least your corner of it, and also allows members eligibility for college scholarships. To learn more about The Girl Scout Gold Award, click here.

March 19, 2014- Jane Mason joins The Committee of 200
Jane Mason has been accepted as a member of The Committee of 200. Being a member is a huge honor, and the organization is comprised of some of the world's most successful women entrepreneurs and corporate innovators. Their primary mission is to foster, celebrate and advance women's leadership in business. The C200 membership organization offers current leaders access to unique programming plus an unparalleled professional and personal network of their peers.

March 5, 2014- CLARIFIRE HEALTH™ well received at HIMSS 2014.
Clarifire's participation in this year's HIMSS conference confirmed how hungry healthcare administrators are for partners in technology. The Clarifire team demonstrated features of CLARIFIRE HEALTH™'s rounding and patient flow applications to rave reviews from nurses to CTO's. Clearly, workflow automation in the healthcare sector is not just a trend but an essential component for success in the rapidly-changing regulatory environment. We are thrilled to be on the leading edge of this curve and are excited about the partnering prospects generated at this conference. For more information about how CLARIFIRE HEALTH™ can improve the patient experience as well as the bottom line, please contact us.

February 13, 2014- Clarifire Attending MBA Servicing 2014
The Clarifire team will be attending MBA's National Mortgage Servicing Conference & Expo February 19th and 20th in Orlando, Florida. It will be a great opportunity to showcase new CLARIFIRE® features, and demonstrate how the technology blows away the competition. The conference theme this year is “Emerge. Evolve. Excel.” With truly configurable workflow automation, CLARIFIRE® makes that happen. We look forward to seeing all of our clients and partners there. Attendees can request meetings with us by clicking here.

January 14, 2014- Clarifire Wellness 2014 gets a kickstart
Clarifire is participating in the Couch to 5K 'C25K'on January 21, 2014. Designed to transition people from couch potatoes to runners in just 9 weeks, an unexpected number of Clarifire employees has signed on, assuring it will be a huge success. Ben Shimko, a nutritional technology rep for PowerBar® will conduct a 'lunch and learn' to educate participants on getting started, injury prevention, nutrition and hydration. Next up is SportsFest April 26, 2014. Stay tuned!

January 2, 2014- Clarifire expands into healthcare sector.
With its new product, CLARIFIRE HEALTH™, Clarifire has entered the healthcare arena by contracting with a major Florida healthcare services provider for two pilot projects. Designed to standardize patient care and improve patient satisfaction, the technology brings the best of CLARIFIRE®'s renowned workflow automation to the administrative side of healthcare. Patient intake and patient rounding will be the first to benefit from this innovative application. Read More...

December 17, 2014- Clarifire Expands its IP Portfolio
Clarifire has added another federal trademark to its IP portfolio. The United States Patent & Trademark office recently granted a registration for the CLARIFIRE HEALTH™ logo. This instance of our CLARIFIRE® technology is used by health care administrators to improve the patient experience in areas like patient rounding and admissions. The easy-to-use mobile app is changing the face of patient engagement.

November 12, 2014- Clarifire charity event raises donations for the American Heart Association
Consistent with Clarifire's commitment to giving back, the company held a Fanatical Friday event to raise money for the American Heart Association. Clarifire employees who contributed to the charity had the right to compete and take on other colleagues in a mock sporting event. All the proceeds went to a good cause.

September 9, 2014- Clarifire Again Named Pace-Setter in Growth
The Tampa Bay Business Journal has ranked Clarifire one of the fastest growing large companies in the area. Thanks to products that drive customer satisfaction, Clarifire continues to scale and meet demand in various markets.

August 26, 2014- CLARIFIRE® Named One Of Top 500 of Cloud Applications Vendors
Clarifire's workflow automation technology, CLARIFIRE®, has been recognized in the World's Cloud Top 500 Applications Vendors by the publication Apps Run the Cloud. As reported, the cloud applications market increased 32% over last year as a result of companies reducing their IT infrastructure footprints. Clarifire has been a leader in this push, opening a state of the art, cloud-based hosting facility to service its clients. Whether in healthcare administration or financial services, Clarifire has repeatedly demonstrated its commitment to innovation, making its varied products available on a secure cloud. New product features can be delivered more rapidly while maintaining rubust security and accountability through audit trails, reporting and real time data access. Being cloud based is just one of the many reasons that CLARIFIRE® is truly "BRIGHTER AUTOMATION®."

April 8, 2014- Clarifire & First American Team Up
Clarifire's new strategic partner, First American Title Insurance Company's Mortgage Services Division, is now offering title products directly through the CLARIFIRE® application. Maximizing efficiencies and automating processes surrounding orders is at the heart of this collaborative effort. To read more about this exciting alliance click here.

March 11, 2014- MBA's National Technology in Mortgage Banking Conference Coming Soon.
This year's MBA Tech conference will be held in Los Angeles and we'll be there March 18-20. We'll be exhibiting and meeting with clients about how our CLARIFIRE® technology continues to lead the industry in responding to recent regulations. Breakout sessions cover the impact of these new regs as well as using technology to comply, so we are a perfect fit. Please stop by our booth, #305.

February 18, 2014- CLARIFIRE HEALTH™ to be showcased at HIMSS14
The HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition kicks off February 23 at the Orange County Convention Center, in Orlando. It is expected that about 37,000 IT professionals, clinicians, executives & vendors will participate this year and Hillary Rodham Clinton is the keynote speaker! Clarifire will be demonstrating its patient rounding and patient flow management features of its CLARIFIRE® technology called CLARIFIRE HEALTH™ February 24-26. Topics at the conference that are aligned with our solution include the Mobile Health and the Value of Health IT. Both presentations will focus on how technology can improve patient engagement, a hallmark of CLARIFIRE HEALTH™. The whole conference is designed to highlight how important collaborative technology like CLARIFIRE® is to healthcare administration. Please stop by our booth #7376.

January 22, 2014- Clarifire's new workflow technology..
For healthcare administration, CLARIFIRE HEALTH™ was featured in HC+0 News as 'hot products.' Providers may choose from features that streamline patient flow management from admissions through the care continuum to automated workflow supporting patient rounding. The products are designed to greatly improve patient satisfaction and the quality of care administration.

January 10, 2014- CLARIFIRE HEALTH™ buzz spreads
Our press release about the CLARIFIRE HEALTH™ pilots was picked up by many media outlets which has generated a lot of excitement in the marketplace. The Tampa Bay Business Journal did an article January 6, 2014 about the pilots, interviewing VP Lauren Walling. We are looking forward to publicizing the results of these tests as soon as they are completed. Stand by! Read More...

December 27, 2013- CLARIFIRE® is getting noticed...
From the Tampa Bay Business Journal article: Clarifire flies into new territory - ' It's new territory for St. Petersburg-based Clarifire which took its new name from its banner product that was used largely for mortgage servicing. While the company has historically focused on workflow automation, the Pilot Bank product is a new workflow process, said Lauren Walling, vice president of corporate strategy.
CLARIFIRE®'s technology can make Pilot Bank more competitive, even in a niche market, Jane Mason, Clarifire CEO, said in the statement. '

November 18, 2013- Clarifire Makes Listing of Top 100 Global Technology Providers
Clarifire has been recognized by American Banker, Bank Technology News and the research firm IDC Financial Insights in the FinTech 100, an international annual listing of the top technology providers to the financial services sector. This honor demonstrates Clarifire′s ability to compete with the big players, delivering its cutting-edge CLARIFIRE® technology to customers in that sector and elsewhere. We are proud to have accomplished so much success in partnership with our visionary clients who understand the power of automated workflow.

October 16, 2013- Thanks to 6th Annual CLARIFIRE® Conference Attendees.
As predicted, the CLARIFIRE® conference exceeded our expectations. Chief Economist Doug Duncan targets 2016 for the housing market to return to normal. He also confirmed we have not reached the limits of technology providing benefits to business because it improves productivity and allows enterprises to expand output. Many of the speakers pointed to the role technology plays in responding to regulations, and CLARIFIRE®'s flexibility and scalability was cited as a key to success. 'Being able to make the product suit the needs is huge.' We could not have said it better ourselves, since true front- end configurability is our hallmark. Thanks to all who participated. It was the best conference yet.

September 18, 2013- Belated Thanks to the Tampa Bay Business Journal for Featuring CEO Jane Mason in the August issue.
In an Executive Files spotlight, Jane discusses how she uses CLARIFIRE® to manage her information flow, her heroes in the business world and how she got her start. Clarifire is proud of its leader and grateful for the continued recognition of her vision by the Tampa Bay area business community.  Click here to read the Executive Profile.

September 12, 2013- Clarifire Again Named Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
As just another example of how Clarifire continually provides exemplary services, it has once again achieved Microsoft Gold Certification Partner status. Per Microsoft, such partners are its "most highly accredited independent technical support providers and can offer a comprehensive range of support for Microsoft and multi-vendor products." This validates all the company strives for in terms of thought leadership and technical prowess. We are very proud of this accomplishment.

September 10, 2013- Clarifire Sponsors Technology Event in Georgia
Clarifire was a proud sponsor of the Technology Association of Georgia's 9th Annual TAGit Golf Challenge yesterday in Atlanta. The event supported TAG as well as the TAG Collaborative, TAG-Ed, which provides scholarships to high school students so they may pursue technology careers. Just one more example of how Clarifire is dedicated to nurturing tech talent and giving back.

September 6, 2013- As promised, the details about Clarifire CEO Jane Mason's appearance on the "Utilizing Emerging Technology: Creating a Compliant World" panel at the Five Star Conference & Expo are in.
The presentation is September 9, 2013 at 11:00 in the DeSoto Room. It will be a great opportunity to hear from thought leaders about the differences between managing processes that minimize risk and increase compliance, and automating workflow that accomplishes these objectives. The difference is huge! Ms. Mason will share her vision of how cloud computing, CRM, Business Intelligence, and true workflow automation converge to foster compliance and drive profitability. Industry Relations Director Stacie Hawkins will be there too, to share with attendees the exciting updates about our CLARIFIRE® application. We hope to see you there.

August 7. 2013- Once again, our CEO, Jane Mason, is being featured in an important industry forum discussing how technology is offering life-lines to servicers who wish to be compliant by CFPB's January 2014 deadline. Stay tuned for more information about the Five Star Conference & Expo. Jane's panel, Utilizing Emerging Technology: Creating a Compliant World, is on Monday September 9, 2013 at 11:00 a.m.

July 22, 2013- CEO Jane Mason was quoted in DS News article New Ideas in Compliance by Nicole Holland Pearce. Pointing to how CLARIFIRE COMMUNITY™ has made continuity of contact a reality, Jane drove home how critical technology - in particular automated workflow-- is to avoiding compliance minefields. Examples like automated noticing on borrowers' terms vividly show how our customers stay on top of regulatory compliance.  Click here to read the article.

July 16, 2013- CLARIFIRE® unveils new advertisement. Regulatory Quagmire ... Automated Workflow.
Click here to view the new advertisement.

June 28, 2013- Back by popular demand, Clarifire is thrilled to announce that Doug Duncan, the Senior Vice President and Chief Economist of Fannie Mae, has graciously agreed to be the keynote speaker at this year's CLARIFIRE® Conference.
It is an unparalleled opportunity to hear about critical trends in the financial services industry touching technology, servicing guidelines, the CFPB countdown and regulatory compliance. The conference, which is by invitation only, is scheduled for October, and has attracted other industry luminaries as speakers and panelists. Clarifire continues to raise the bar in workflow automation and looks forward to a robust exchange of intelligence and insight at this exciting event. For more information, contact us.

June 12, 2013- FNMA Promotes SMDU
Fannie Mae recently announced its foreclosure tool, Servicing Management Default Underwriter, or SMDU™/span>, that is designed to help servicers streamline foreclosure processes. FNMA Press Release. Clarifire customers already know that the CLARIFIRE® application makes integration with this tool both fast and simple. Servicers can chose single loan processing or bulk processing, both augmented by CLARIFIRE®'s powerful automated workflow engine. This is just one more reason servicers select CLARIFIRE® as their mortgage servicing technology.

June 3, 2013- Clarifire CEO Jane Mason is a featured guest at the Tampa Bay Business Owners' Main Event Wednesday June 5.
Jane will be interviewed about how she came to be the leader of a successful technology company and how she conquers some of the challenges she, and other entrepreneurs, face. TBBO members and guests will learn tips to growing a thriving business and hear Jane's vision for the future of CLARIFIRE®'s workflow automation. The event is from 6-9 at the Centre Club in Tampa. See for more information.

A steady stream of traffic from both attendees and exhibitors passed through Clarifire's booth last week at the TBBJ's Growth Expo. Participants flocked to see the CLARIFIRE® -branded drone that flew overhead while our team members showcased our subscription-based technology CLARIFIRE CLOUD™. Clarifire connected with several mortgage industry stalwarts like banks and title companies – obvious fits for the efficiencies created by our automated workflow solution. We think the Expo was a huge success and look forward to participating next year.

Clarifire will be at the Centre Club on June 5th for the Tampa Bay Business Owners' Main Event. The networking hour begins at 6:00 P.M. where local innovators and business champions can connect to build relationships. Clarifire's CEO Jane Mason will take center stage at 7:00 P.M. to share the story of how she turned her ideas for CLARIFIRE® workflow automation into reality and built one of the industry's top technology companies. Interested in joining us? Click HERE for details.

Clarifire received a certificate of environmental accomplishment for saving 18.2 trees by participating in the Shred-it™ shredding and recycling program. Being a technology company enables Clarifire to have a nearly paperless environment but our campaign to assure that any paper that is used is recycled has allowed us to be even better. Helping the environment by reducing our carbon footprint is another way Clarifire gives back.

Fourteen children of Clarifire employees participated in last week's Take Your Child to Work Day. The event kicked off with an office tour where the young "techies" learned about each department and its role in the company. During a Process Builder class, attendees were shown how the CLARIFIRE® application is used across departments to complete a successful project. Other highlights included a yoga class to promote school/life balance and a question and answer session with Clarifire CEO Jane Mason. Clarifire is proud to share our love for technology with our employees and their families. Visit our Facebook to see pictures from the event.

Saturday's GETSMART event was a total success with over 60 attendees ranging from fourth to twelfth grade. In an effort to increase students' interest in studying math and related technology Clarifire volunteers participated in panel discussions, helped students plan and design their own mobile apps and taught students to build websites using basic HTML. The day's most popular session taught students to dissect computers donated by Clarifire for firsthand knowledge of how they work. Mentoring a new generation of technology lovers is another way Clarifire gives back! Check out our album from the GETSMART event on Facebook.

Fannie Mae just announced their first ever Four STAR Designations! Wondering how your organization can achieve this status? Proving that CLARIFIRE® truly is BRIGHTER AUTOMATION®, two of the recipients use CLARIFIRE® technology to automate their workflow. Schedule a demo today to see how implementing CLARIFIRE® or subscribing to CLARIFIRE CLOUD™ can make your organization shine.

April 24-25, Clarifire will stand alongside other industry champions to address the issues that threaten the mortgage industry. Topics include: new mortgage rules, the commercial/multifamily finance market, FHA stability, the future of the secondary mortgage market, and a balanced tax and revenue policy. Clarifire is ready to take full advantage of this unique opportunity to access decision makers and to show them how CLARIFIRE CLOUD™ and CLARIFIRE COMMUNITY™ are key solutions to the challenges ahead.

Mar 20, 2013- Clarifire BUILDS ITS IP PORTFOLIO
Clarifire's IP portfolio just got a bit fatter. The USPTO just granted registrations to the marks CLARIFIRE COMPLIANCE™, CLARIFIRE CONTACT™, CLARIFIRE OPTIMIZER™, CLARIFIRE QUICK™ AND CLARIFIRE CONNECTOR™. These join CLARIFIRE®, CLARIFIRE COMMUNITY™, CLARIFIRE CLOUD™, CLARIFIRE CALCULATOR™ and the tagline BRIGHTER AUTOMATION® which were already protected. Contact us to request a demo of these products and features today!

Clarifire would like to congratulate our Director of Industry Relations, Stacie Hawkins, for her acceptance into the Mortgage Bankers Association's Future Leaders Program. Stacie also received a scholarship based on her industry experience and education. Clarifire employees are they key to our success! Visit MBA's Website to learn more about the Future Leaders program.

Clarifire joined over 2,000 industry leaders at the MBA National Mortgage Servicing Conference & Expo in Dallas, TX. Clarifire hosted 15 meetings and conducted product demos, showing off its new subscription-based solution, CLARIFIRE CLOUD™. Be sure to visit the Clarifire booth at April's MBA Tech conference.

Clarifire has contributed to the Joseph C. And Charlotte F. Mason IP Scholarship at Stetson University College of Law. Established by Jane and Anne Mason to honor the contributions their parents made to the intellectual property community in Tampa Bay, this scholarship is awarded to a law student demonstrating interest in practicing intellectual property law. Visit our Giving Back page for more information on Clarifire's commitment to giving back.

Clarifire is proud to announce that we are now a value added, Platinum Level Service Member of the American Bankers Association (ABA). The ABA represents banks of all sizes and charters and is the voice of the nation's $13 trillion banking industry and marshals the talent, energy and perspective of members to bring about positive change in the industry. Stay tuned for information about Clarifire's participation in upcoming ABA events.

Feb 18, 2013- CLARIFIRE ATTENDS MBA'S 100TH ANNUAL NATIONAL MORTGAGE SERVICING CONFERENCE & EXPO IN DALLAS, TEXAS. At this year's conference, MBA sessions include Business & Operations, Regulatory Compliance, Home Retention & Foreclosure Alternatives, and Foreclosure, Bankruptcy & REO. The Clarifire team is there demonstrating first-hand the features we have added to our subscription service, CLARIFIRE CLOUD™. Contact us at 817-689-0320 to meet up and see how you can pick and choose the solutions you need to manage your loss mitigation processes.


Clarifire continued its philanthropic tradition with its sponsorship of The Children's Board Heart Gallery of Tampa Bay's First Annual Benefit Be Mine, Diamonds & Cigars. The Heart Gallery® is a growing collaborative project of over 120 Heart Galleries across the United States, designed to increase the number of adoptive families for children needing homes in our community.

Jan 25, 2013- Select Mediation LLC, a CLARIFIRE CLOUD™ subscriber has begun using our secure, web-based technology to automate workflow relating to its mediation cases.

Jan 21, 2013- Clarifire is co-sponsoring the University of Tampa National Fellows Forum on February 27.
This forum brings together a distinguished panel of business CEOs to share their perspectives with the Tampa Bay business community on current issues of importance. This is a national event with over 1000 attendees.

Beating out another local technology provider, Clarifire has contracted with Tampa-based Pilot Bank to use CLARIFIRE COMMUNITY™'s mobile feature to process aircraft loans. Showing that the application is flexible and can fit any process-driven business, the Pilot Bank partnership takes automated workflow into new and exciting areas of financial services.

November 13, 2013- Clarifire is in the News.
Clarifire is profiled in an Associate Member Spotlight this week on the Florida Bankers Association website ( We're proud to be an FBA member, and welcome the opportunities it provides to showcase our technology to the movers and shakers in the Florida banking community. We hope this spotlight will prompt even more banks and servicers to check out CLARIFIRE®'s unique configurability and versatility.

September 25, 2013- 6th Annual CLARIFIRE® Conference lining up to be the best yet.
Brian Montgomery, former Assistance Secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and FHA Commissioner, now chairman, the Collingwood Group, will be on a panel 'Improve Performance? Avoid Pitfalls? Technology Does the Heavy Lifting'. The invitation-only event gives our customers, vendors, and partners access to exceptional panelists like Mr. Montgomery, and others, who will provide insights into the technology trends, strategies and innovations for 2014 and beyond.

September 13, 2013- 2013 Clarifire Webinar on CFPB Compliance a Success
Clarifire's first free webinar, Simple Strategies for Complying with New CFPB Mortgage Servicing Rules was a huge success. Attendees included housing authorities, mid-sized banks and servicers. It was an invaluable opportunity to share how Clarifire's technology can ease the pain of meeting regulatory mandates like those that go into effect in January 2014. Whether via features and functions built into the enterprise CLARIFRE® platform or through select features and products available by subscription on CLARIFIRE CLOUD™, lenders of all size can benefit from our BRIGHTER AUTOMATION®. More webinars on trending topics will be announced soon.

September 11, 2013- Clarifire's 6th Annual CLARIFIRE® Conference Agenda Is Shaping Up
Our annual CLARIFIRE® conference planning is in its final stages! This invitation-only event will address, among other things, automated workflow in the changing housing market, new features of our CLARIFIRE® product suite, and how on-demand customer service, through robust technology, is changing the way the financial services industry, and others, do business. The event is October 2-4 at the Sandpearl Resort, Clearwater Beach, Florida. More details to follow or contact us for more information.

September 6, 2013- Clarifire Offers Free CFPB Compliance Webinar
In response to popular demand, we have created a free webinar called Simple Strategies for Complying with New CFPB Mortgage Servicing Rules. With the January 10, 2014 deadline fast approaching, this presentation offers a deep dive into how our CLARIFIRE® technology can be used to make compliance imperatives a reality. Led by Clarifire team member Josh Schofer, the session will take you through ten of the most important rules and illustrate how automated workflow transforms the requirements. Contact us to get on the email list today. Details on the date and time will be announced soon!

Sept 4, 2013- Clarifire #4 Women-Owned Business per TBBJ
The Tampa Bay Business Journal recently posted its list of top women-owned businesses in Tampa Bay, by revenue. Clarifire is number 4 out of 50 this year, up from number 6 last year. It is a huge testimony to the talents of our CEO, Jane Mason. Through bad economic times as well as good ones, we are going strong.

August 6, 2013- Clarifire's CEO Jane Mason moderated the panel "Effective Use of Technology in an Ever-Changing Environment" yesterday at CMBA's 18th Annual Western States Loan Servicing Conference. The topics covered were technology trends in REO, loan analytics to improve quality and reduce risk, CFPB compliance through use of technology and how secure is the cloud. Jane drove home that an effective use of technology means being able to prove, connect, inform, simplify, standardize, economize, communicate and create good will. The presentation was well attended and it was a perfect chance to showcase Jane's position as a thought leader in the industry.

July 19, 2013- Clarifire will be at the American Legal & Financial Network (ALFN) annual leadership conference starting July 21, 2013.
Our CEO, Jane Mason, is a speaker at Roundtable Session 3 entitled "Using Technology to Successfully Navigate the New Regulatory Landscape in Default Servicing." All of the heavy hitters in the mortgage banking community will be at the conference discussing trends and the challenges that lie ahead. The Clarifire team will be demonstrating CLARIFIRE CONNECTOR™, the feature that minimizes manual data entry, synchronizes notes, images and milestone data, and reduces risk, at the Broadmoor Resort & Hotel, Crystal Room, Monday, July 22 - 5:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. and Tuesday, July 23 - 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. We look forward to seeing you there.

July 12, 2013- With already over 10 trademark registrations to its name, Clarifire's iconic "chaos" logo has received federal protection from the United States Patent & Trademark Office.
We believe the logo best illustrates how our workflow automation technology tames the data and processes businesses rely on to function competitively. We're confident forward-thinking players in the financial services industry will continue to look for and rely on that distinctive brand when selecting SaaS solutions.

June 27, 2013- Clarifire has been nominated again for the Tampa Bay Technology Forum's Technology Company of the Year (we won in 2011).
Exemplifying the talent of the entire executive team, CEO Jane Mason was also nominated for Technology Leader of the Year. The Tampa Bay Technology Forum continues to be the best ambassador for the region as "a world-class center for technology entrepreneurship, business innovation and educational excellence." Learn more at  The awards ceremony is October 18, 2013. We are honored to be considered for these prestigious awards.

June 7, 2013- The Tampa Bay Business Owners Main Event on Wednesday allowed local entrepreneurs access to Clarifire CEO Jane Mason, who participated in a Q&A.
TBBO COO Katie Kimitsos confirmed that Jane's insights "made a real impact on our members' businesses." In turn, Jane was impressed with TBBO's charitable approach, allowing young entrepreneurs to sell products and network with business owners at the event – giving back to the community and to future leaders. To learn more about TBBO, go to

Current and prospective customers and industry leaders will come together again for the 6th Annual CLARIFIRE® Conference at the Sandpearl Resort in Clearwater Beach, Florida. This invitation-only event runs from October 2-4, 2013. Stay tuned for details.

Clarifire teamed up with our neighbors at General Dynamics to collect non-perishables to benefit the oldest food bank in Pinellas County, the St. Petersburg Free Clinic Food Bank. Together both companies collected three overflowing bins of food that will help the food bank feed those staying at the Women's Residence, Beacon House and We Help Services. Feeding the hungry is another way Clarifire gives back. Check out our album on Facebook.

Join Clarifire this Thursday at Raymond James Stadium for Tampa Bay Business Journal's 3rd Annual Business Growth Expo. This event draws approximately 1,500 attendees from around Tampa Bay and is a great venue to show local community banks how subscribing to automated workflow solutions like CLARIFIRE CLOUD™ can save time, reduce risk and enhance revenue. CLARIFIRE® truly is BRIGHTER AUTOMATION®.

Last night eighteen Tampa Bay Area cloud computing aficionados gathered at Clarifire to discuss the implementation and benefits of cloud service models like SaaS, PaaS and IaaS. The "Cloudoneers" enjoyed dinner and a presentation by group organizer Mike Kavis entitled "How the Cloud is Changing the Economics of Business." This was a great opportunity for Clarifire employees to network and discuss best practices with other industry insiders. To learn more about how CLARIFIRE® products provide lift to process-centric enterprises by automating workflow in a Web-based solution, schedule a demo today.

The Fourth Annual Five Star Institute's Government Forum takes place today in Washington, DC. Attended by servicers, lenders, service providers and government representatives, it will be a great opportunity for Clarifire to help build consensus on how the industry can adapt to compliance challenges, in general, and to the new CFPB rules in particular. Since technology is imperative to the recovery of the mortgage market and workflow automation will take the industry beyond recovery to profitability and growth, CEO Jane Mason is making sure CLARIFIRE® and CLARIFIRE COMMUNITY™ are an integral part of the conversation, and the solution.

Taking its rebranding initiative to the next level, Clarifire's new website just went live. Be sure to check out the new Features & Services page to learn more about our CLARIFIRE® product suite. See firsthand why CLARIFIRE® truly is BRIGHTER AUTOMATION®.

On April 23rd Clarifire CEO Jane Mason will be attending the 2013 Five Star Government Forum in Washington, DC. This influential event assembles the elite leaders of the housing and mortgage servicing industries to engage and drive progress directly with government officials. Jane and other industry ambassadors will play a pivotal role in the creation of future policies and ultimately shape the landscape of the American housing market.

Clarifire has joined the Florida Bankers Association (FBA) as an associate member. This is an exciting affiliation because the FBA is a key player in the financial services sector, working to influence the state and federal legal regulatory environments -- efforts of huge importance to CLARIFIRE® users. This membership provides an important forum to showcase our CLARIFIRE CLOUD offering with features that will help mid-sized banks and servicers drive SPOC and CFPB compliance. Watch for Clarifire's membership announcement in the April FBA newsletter.

Clearwater parks and recreational areas have never been cleaner! Clarifire had over 30 volunteers attend Saturday's Great American Clean-Up. This was an excellent event for a wonderful cause. Check out additional pictures on Facebook.

On March 16th volunteers from Clarifire and Keep Pinellas Beautiful will rally together to participate in the Great American Cleanup. Join us at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium to clean our parks, public areas, and waterways. Can't make it? Check back for photos from this event.

Client Executive, Lauren Walling, a UT alumna, attended University of Tampa Fellows Forum. Clarifire was a top-level Spartan Sponsor and invited representatives from 23 local banks to attend the forum as our guests. It was a great opportunity to network with business leaders and update them on our CLARIFIRE® product line.

A production crew from St. Petersburg College will interview Clarifire's Director of IT, Stanley Kruk, and our first intern-to-hire, Kris Prusac, about the need for skilled professionals in the tech sector. The internship program will be available for those who excel in IT and Business studies through the University of South Florida, the University of Tampa, and St. Petersburg College.

Feb 20, 2013- CLARIFIRE HR DEPARTMENT SPONSORS WORKNET PINELLAS PROFESSIONAL MIXER IN CLEARWATER, FL Pinellas County's best and brightest will be attending this invitation-only event and interviewing with our HR team for the opportunity to build a rewarding career with our progressive company. Can't attend? If you're extremely motivated, creative, dynamic, and driven, check out Clarifire Careers and apply today! Isn't it time you made a difference?

Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency, a self-supporting not-for-profit public agency, now uses automated workout processes and associated workflow within our CLARIFIRE CLOUD™ product to manage loan modifications. MassHousing has provided more than $13 billion in financing for homebuyers. Schedule a demo today to see how CLARIFIRE CLOUD™ can transform loss mitigation and default processes, and your bottom line.

Jan 29, 2013- Clarifire CEO Jane Mason spoke at the University of Tampa Business Network Symposium this morning along with Joseph Lopano, CEO of Tampa International Airport and Bob Johnston, CEO and Chairman of Front Burner Brands, Inc. They were asked to share stories about their respective businesses. All emphasized building solutions by listening to the needs of the marketplace. Jane drove home that connection, configuration and collaboration are the three elements that make CLARIFIRE® the leading workflow automation solution.

Jan 23, 2013- Macon Bank goes live with CLARIFIRE CLOUD™ and begins using the HAMP and MY MOD® workout processes. Using the CLARIFIRE® Dashboards to manage workflow, Macon Bank is now able to review all activity along with case documents and notes in one centrally located system that can be accessed by all departments.

Jan 16, 2013- Clarifire CEO Jane Mason has been asked to speak at the UT Business Network Symposium on January 29.
250 Attendees are expected to hear the panelists talk about their businesses. Jane will share both the history of the CLARIFIRE® application and the new features being offered in 2013.
Read More>>

Dec 11 - Clarifire Holiday Party Draws 271 Attendees
Held at the Belleair Country Club, the annual Clarifire Holiday Party was a combined tribute to long-term employees, a celebration of the dynamic growth in the past year, and a toast to the momentum the company enjoys as the workflow process automation market leader in 2013.

Nov 29 - 2012 Mortgage Technology conference, Miami Beach, attended by Clarifire's Jane Mason
Workshop topics included the impact of new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau regulations for residential mortgage loans on the mortgage industry and how technology will respond to those demands.
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Nov 8 - Jane Mason gave a presentation at The University of Tampa with UT students Caroline Quinn and Damien Mosely entitled "Workflow Automation Transforms Business & Customer Collaboration."
Sponsored by the Tampa Bay Technology Leadership Association, Ms. Mason led the discussion about the increased need for collaboration in workflow automation technology.

Oct 19 - Clarifire CEO Jane Mason and Director of Client Relations, Stacie Hawkins, attended the Mortgage Bankers Association Technology Conference- Chicago to promote CLARIFIRE®, CLARIFIRE COMMUNITY™ MOBILE and other new products and features.

Oct 10 - Clarifire Open House showcasing new 41,000+SF offices attended by Tampa Bay business elite.
Blu Tampa Bay Magazine covered the event in its Fall 2012 edition. CMK Design Studio, LLC provided the layout, design and construction documents for the space and features elements of the space in its brochure.

Sep 19 - New York City video shoot of Jane Mason as finalist for Mortgage Technology Awards.
The mobile app of CLARIFIRE COMMUNITY™ was nominated. This interactive feature of eMASON's CLARIFIRE® technology combines the ease of a mobile app with robust, collaborative workflow so that tasks affecting loans and real estate properties can be done 24/7 and automated processes launched.

For the fourth consecutive year, eMASON made the Inc. 500|5000 list, ranking #8 in Tampa and #79 in the software industry.
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Jul 31 - CLARIFIRE® Finds a New Home
The eMASON office move from Clearwater to St. Petersburg is finally complete. The CLARIFIRE team loves their 41,000-square-foot new home at the Roosevelt Technology Center. Please update your files with our new office address (phone numbers remain the same): 11399 16th Court North, Suite 100, St. Petersburg, FL 33716.
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Jun 18 - Citybiz South Florida's Commercial Real Estate Insite Article Featuring "Technology Firm eMASON Moving to 40,647 SF Office in St. Petersburg"
eMason moving to Roosevelt Technology Center end of July.
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Jun 01 - eMASON's CLARIFIRE® Application to Automate Preferred Loss Mitigation Strategies (PLMS Clearinghouse) Process
Participating MLS Realtors and servicers have access to a secure automated workflow application to manage loss mitigation processes.
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May 18 - Tampa Bay Business Journal Article Featuring "Clearwater, Tampa Lease Deals Signal Employment, Company Growth"
eMason is more than doubling its space with a nearly 41,000-square-foot lease in St. Petersburg.
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May 10 - Jane Mason discusses CLARIFIRE® on the wsRadio American South East Report
Click on the links below to listen to the discussion with Jane and host Wade Taylor.
Part 1>> Part 2>> Part 3>> Part 4>>

Feb 17 - The New Look of CLARIFIRE®
A New year, a new look. Automate brighter with the CLARIFIRE® application.
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Dec 4 - CLARIFIRE solar signage installed making it the largest solar sign in Florida and ratcheting up eMASON's commitment to green initiatives.
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Nov 16 - The Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency signed on as a CLARIFIRE CLOUD™ subscriber for the MY MOD® program and CLARIFIRE CALCULATOR™ functionality.
It will also have access to other powerful CLARIFIRE® features like CLARIFIRE COMMUNITY™ on a short term, subscription basis, allowing it to tailor its workflow automation to suit its unique needs.

Oct 19 - Clarifire Job Fair held to promote the 18 open positions at the company in all aspects of SaaS technology.
Approximately 100 people attended, and interviews are still being conducted. The Clarifire team continues to grow as demand for its products and services skyrockets.

Oct 11 - The 5th Annual CLARIFIRE® Conference kicks off at the SandPearl in Clearwater Beach.
Fannie Mae Chief Economist Doug Duncan was the keynote speaker who confirmed that the mortgage industry is "going to see continued innovation in the technology space." Observing that technology enables businesses to adjust to cost structure changes that flow from regulatory changes, attendees shared their first-hand experiences about how CLARIFIRE® technology is leading the way.

Oct 1 - Macon Bank contracts for CLARIFIRE CLOUD™,
where subscribers implement specific features of the CLARIFIRE® technology needed to transform their businesses without a long-term, enterprise-wide license.

Sep 5 - The Five Star Default Servicing Conference & Expo in Dallas was attended by Clarifire Director of Client Relations, Stacie Hawkins.
James Carville and Mary Matilin provided introductory remarks and the Opening Keynote Address was given by President George W. Bush and Laura Bush. Stacie was able to showcase CLARIFIRE® features and products to a wide range of financial services players.

The 13th Annual Mortgage Technology Awards recognize innovative technology developers and users that are promoting more efficient and cost-effective lending practices. The Harnessing Mobile Award commends the development and implementation of mobile technology in the mortgage industry.
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Jul 01 - Jane Mason is in the HOTSEAT of HousingWire magazine's July 2012 issue
Paul Dang interviews Jane Mason on how she began her software company and the benefits of the CLARIFIRE® software.
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Jun 02 - CLARIFIRE COMMUNITY™ App Now Available to REALTORS and Others for Download
Documents, images, and communications can now be exchanged and retrieved at any time from Apple® devices like iPhone® and IPad® and automated workflow is generated.
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May 21 - eMASON's involvement in the Community and Hiring Local Professionals
 Jane Mason's interview with former Tampa Mayor Dick Greco on the NewsTalk Florida Radio program.

May 17 - DS News "Bits to Bytes With Jane Mason and Sean Ryan" Article
DS News turns to two renowned experts for their thoughts on implementation to relieve the inundation.
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Feb 17 - eMASON's CLARIFIRE® Technology Drives Compliance With Servicemembers' Civil Relief Act (SCRA) Requirements
eMASON's CLARIFIRE Technology Drives Compliance With Servicemembers' Civil Relief Act (SCRA) Requirements.
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