Patient experience is now a national healthcare issue. Large Healthcare organizations are staying ahead of the curve by automating and standardizing their rounding processes. CLARIFIRE HEALTH® is a real-time rounding application that automates the workflow associated with Patient Experience. Patient Rounds is just one way that Healthcare Organizations are empowering themselves to be mobile and efficient with CLARIFIRE HEALTH.

Patient Rounding is a process where hospital staff (typically nurses and nurse leaders) directly engage with patients about their individualized level of care and to identify patients' needs. The key to making it efficient is ensuring the model provides visibility and collaboration to all members of the care team. CLARIFIRE HEALTH does just that by providing rounding views that can be shared with the team's decision makers, including actionable events that lead to a safe and comfortable patient experience.

With CLARIFIRE HEALTH, you can easily see and share the results of Nurse Leader Rounding, Palliative Care Consults, Emergency Department (ED) Rounds, Bedside Rounds, Environment of Care Rounds – just a few of the rounding workflow processes available with CLARIFIRE HEALTH.

  • Robust Reporting for escalations and metrics.
  • Easily connects to existing EMR platforms.
  • An online location for patient experience information with stored notes, preferences, and admission history at the patient level and can be viewed at any time.
  • The ability to configure your rounding views with smart business rules which drive rounding processes forward (i.e., by making a survey selection, business rules are calling updates to the EMR, ancillary systems and posting notes to the patient file if desired).
  • Easy to view icons provides rounders with insight into likelihood of dissatisfaction, and patient metrics.
  • View our Patient Rounding video!

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