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Enterprise-Wide Workflow

Have you ever wondered what actual users say about CLARIFIRE®'s impact on their business?
Here's a sampling of the proven results:

"We were able to significantly increase our daily count of processes closed the very first day using CLARIFIRE®."

"The Dashboard is the key to us doing work."

"CLARIFIRE® allows us to hear the customer."

"We now hire for attitude and train on the system."

"We use to only measure complaints. Now we measure compliments."

"The automated calls that launch workflow... are completely innovative."

"We need to manage end to end workflow and CLARIFIRE® helps us do that."

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And there's more. Users of CLARIFIRE® workflow have reported the following lift:

Operational Processes

  • Clients can expect 25% or more reduction in overhead
  • Increases in throughput and productutivity of 58% or more
  • Reduction in emails and paper of 80%
  • Data input cycle times reduced 68%
  • Elimination of manual tasks 60%

Workflow is the backbone for navigating the complexities of business. Download our eBook!

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