Results in the
Healthcare Industry

Have you ever wondered what actual users say about CLARIFIRE HEALTH™'s impact on their organization?

Here's a sampling of the proven results:

"The use of CLARIFIRE® has helped us identify the needs of the patient and act on them preemptively. It replaces the barriers to rounding." - Director of Patient Care Services

"The ability to send a request in real time to another hospital department such as environmental services or social workers is transformational to the process and provides the nurse manager additional time to focus on interacting with the patient and their family." - Vice President of Patient Services

"Easy to use while rounding through site visits; the support for setup and use was exceptional." - Manager of Service Excellence

"We were thrilled to see that the technology was directly impacting our patient experience scores so quickly." - Director of Patient Experience

"Working with the Clarifire team was top notch. Special thanks extended to Customer support representatives." - Manager of Clinical Professional Practice

CLARIFIRE HEALTH™ provides the foundation to improve patient experience. Our clients experience an increase in the percentage of rounds completed on a daily basis while directly improving HCAHPS domain and consistency scores. CLARIFIRE HEALTH™ technology and its workflow seamlessly drive consistency for nursing staff and support units.

Implementation of CLARIFIRE HEALTH™ will directly increase value-based reimbursement amounts for each facility for a quick return on investment. CLARIFIRE®'s unique workflow driven technology, coupled with transparent reporting, drive patient experience processes to deliver accountability, standardization and proactive issue management. Hospital facilities can recognize an increase in all eight dimensions across the patient experience domain. Domain dimensions typically showing significant improvement are: Communication with Doctors and Nurses, Communication on Medication, Discharge Information, Responsiveness and Overall Rating of Hospital.

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