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Why is CLARIFIRE® the Choice for SMDU Connectivity?

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Rapid Connection AND Seamless Workflow

Servicers lacking a direct link to Fannie Mae's Servicing Management Default Underwriter (SMDU) rely on CLARIFIRE® to provide a seamless interface to this crucial platform for conducting business. CLARIFIRE® maximizes servicer benefits by creating a rapid connection to SMDU that includes access to our modern automated workflow application. CLARIFIRE® ingests the SMDU complex workout rule output and messaging while launching the requisite workflow in real time. This is all with CLARIFIRE® easy-to-read user displays, auditable workout summaries with snapshots, and versions captured in seconds. We are a preferred Fannie Mae partner.

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Current Releases

CLARIFIRE® proactively implements releases that are in synch with SMDU code releases. We are production-ready within 30 days of release timeframes initiated by Fannie Mae.

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Seamless Integration

CLARIFIRE® has a proven integration track record. Our implementations are smooth and speedy, inclusive of user-friendly training guides. Additionally, CLARIFIRE CALCULATOR™ displays all SMDU messaging and decisions in one comprehensive view for us.

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Easy to Use

CLARIFIRE® offers a proven intuitive, smart application with automated SMDU access and messaging. The workflows are coupled with the CLARIFIRE CALCULATOR™ workout options displayed with SMDU data. Comprehensive, seamless, rapid, auditable results all in one application.

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Powerful In Bulk

Skip individual connector calls and get bulk processing with the batching capabilities of SMDU and the CLARIFIRE OPTIMIZER™ feature. We provide bulk output results and automatically launch the relevant workflows within hours with CLARIFIRE®.

Benefits of the CLARIFIRE CONNECTOR™ to SMDU Integration

Engage in real-time messaging with workout-specific results that simultaneously launch automated workflow directly in the CLARIFIRE® application.

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Avoid cumbersome references to other platforms by facilitating direct calls made from within the CLARIFIRE® application.

payment screen
Readily track trial payments, workout-specific documentation, and more from the proven CLARIFIRE® automated workout and workflow application.

connected computers
CLARIFIRE® automatically launches SMDU data submissions into Fannie Mae's Asset Management Network (AMD) and the HomeSaver Solutions Network (HSSN).

speed dial
CLARIFIRE® swiftly processes current loss mitigation and modification conversions.

Ensures your team has the capabilities needed to readily process disaster mods today.

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